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Sycophant clarification

Started by xsherlock, June 14, 2009, 11:23:27 AM

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I dont know if that is by design , or this is the bug but in the round the sycophant betrays, in my understanding of the description it should be invunerable. And it is, but it can still be killed by attacking the unit that he is bonded to.  Is this the way you wanted it to be?


i think this is all about the damage redirection. The sycophant has protection only against the enemy, so the redirected damage still can kill it. A general invulnerability would prevent this. The question is what the original design was.

A more general question is that if it is good or not, the source of the redirected damage is not the attacking unit anymore. Maybe the source should stay the same. This is a question of game design, but I think that this would be more intuitive.


It works as designed. And again, people should read the descriptions before posting things. "Due to his cunning planning, his betrayal renders him immune to enemyes until the start of his next turn"
Immune to enemyes until beggining of turn, and immune to allies becouse of hubris. I will update that in my guild.


Right, but it's a 50-point unit that sacrifices itself to render anything organic killable by a power-4 blow (FS aside) that very turn.  Isn't it a little on the cheap side to be a dragon/elephant killer?


Killable by anyone... Damage uses sycophant's armour.
Dragons can easily kill it before flatter.


The Sycophant is a good way to kill a Hydra. As Kran said, a Dragon should be able to outmaneuver and kill the Sycophant.


the easiest way to get rid of the sychophant is the artificer, renders it completely useless straight off the bat :P
Bad guys are no problem when you're an asshole yourself


Thats why i say they are unbalanced...


Sycophant needs to be worth $100, then it's fine.  End of story.  $50 is too powerful.