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Black Smith

Started by Fiffers, December 15, 2009, 06:27:07 PM

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Black smith cost 350

actions 2
movement 1 cost 1
forge weapons for units range 1 cost 2
must reset shop after each forge cost 1

Give units new weapons of different ability. Kind of similar to alchemist.

Curved Bow - increase range and power by 1 for range units
Mace - Original power but increase action by 1
Trident - increase range and power by 1 for melee units
War Hammer - Increase power by 3 reduce action by 1

Chronic Logic - Josiah

Interesting ideas, I think increasing a units actions would be unbalanced though.  The wizard use to do this and it was a balance problem.  The other ideas could work though.


Well seeing as the mace is a light and efficient weapon how bout adding parry to it?
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Black Smith is only for only certain classes not allowed with wizards and a few others.