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Started by Lunaraia, December 01, 2009, 04:01:04 AM

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Good Morning, Day, Afternoon, Evning and or Night, Class!

After trying to simpley answer any questions you might have I realised that that is not very productive, so instead I set out to cover the 1 thing that hasn't been touched yet about the units, namely the Basics, im gonna tell you from top to bottom exactly how this game is played, well atleast by the time I am done telling you about the basics then you will have atleast a grasp at HOW the game works in general, instead of just fumbeling around in the dark

OK let's begin:

                                                                                   Main Menu

The Main Menu is quite simple, in the top left you have the Administer account button, it allows you ro change your password and is also the place where you write the key code to upgrade your account when you get an expansion

Underneath the Account button is the Mute button, it should be pretty obvious what htis does, 1 click and no sound, this can onley be used on the main menu and disables both music and SFX,

The bottom left <--- that way for those of you to young to know for sure, are the place for te single player button, more about that in 3rd Class of this Course, for now let's move on
To the right of the single player button are the Constructed Button, this puts you a search mode for playing a Constructed Game, a game where you play against another player in a ranked match using an army you have created, more on that in 3rd Class.
To the right of the Constructed Button is the Random button, the Random Button initiates a search for a player oponent for a ranked Random Match, the difference Between Constructed and Random is tat when yu play Random you are given a radom pregenerated Army, in my experience the result are often given before the match is played in some cases of Random.
In the Bottom Centre of the screen is home to the Coop Button, in Coop you and another player play against the AI together, the rewards in COOP are usually higher then in Constructed or random, provided the gap between the players aren't to big, the reason for this is the AI level you face is, got a little unsure now, but it am quite sure it's the combined AI level of the players, the reason why this might be a problem will be explained in Class 2 and 3.
In the Centre of the screen is the button that for the moment is called the 2V2 Test button, this starts a team match between 4 players, in effect it's like Coop Mode except that is is against a team of other players, the matchup are as follows: First and Second that enters the search que on Team 1 Third and Forth on team 2, also in 2v2 Test the last one who enters the search que is the one that starts out with summoning, no matter the rank of the players, in Constructed and Random the one with the lowest rank (highest Number) is the one that starts out

The button to the right of the COOP button are the Edit Army  button, this button is used to Edit your Army for use against the AI and other players in Cons or Coop modes, more on this button in the 2nd Class

The button to the Right of the Edit Army Button is the Army Archive Button, this button allows you to store and army you have made with the Edit Army so you can simply load it up later without having to remember the pieces you used in that army, there are a total of 10 slots, for now, note, there is a bug going around that prevents some users from using the button on MAC's without the game client crashes on them, it is in the process of being fixed, or so I hear

The Right-most button in this game is the New Unit Button, when you press this Button you spend 100 Gold and are given a Random unit, this unit can belong to an expansion however, also as you get more units it gets cheaper to buy each unit in singles instead of hoping to hit it with random buying, more on that in Chapter 2.

In the Top Center are your Current Rank and your current Gold Values, you get Gold by defeating the Single PLayer and by fighting against other players, you start out with only a little gold per Single Player Fight, however the AI get stronger and stronger as you defeat it and after some victories you will earn the gold you need pretty fast, though in the beginning it's gonna take some time to earn alot of it.

In the small window to the Right are a list of all the players and their current Rankings you can double click on it to open a small chat window for private chats, you can also use the invite menu to invite that player to a coop Constructed or Random game, invited matches are not Ranked, also this window shows the playes current status, if you see a symbol of a guy with green shirt and brown hair then the person is in the main menu or in one of the sub menus is it is a Ø symbol then they have connection problems and if the symbol is 2 crossed swords then he is in a match, it is viewd as normal courtesy not to invide a player that is in a match to a game using the invite system, if they are chatting that pressing either the space a or enter button will cause something that's called 'dragging' when this happens the invited player has hit one of those buttons and accepted your invite even though he didn't mean to, leaving the player he might have played with in an empy game session with no way out of it except for quitting, quite annoying for both parts.

The Window to the Left is the General Information Window, you can chat in it and it will display whow's fighting whom  or what, and it tells you how said matchps went, it can also be used for a general chat to all players

                                                             Well then: CLASS DISMISSED!
                                                                 Until next time students
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