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Started by Lumen, March 10, 2009, 02:02:33 PM

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I don't know if anyone else thinks so, but to me, the Summoner is kind of the black sheep of the black mages category.  Its summons are very weak, but it can "upgrade" someone into a passable demon.  It summons fewer allies than does the necromancer.  It can convert an enemy if they've wandered within 2 of it.  So, it has less range, gives less of a numerical advantage, and can create less raw power than the other mages.

I think it needs to be spiced up some.  My idea is to remove the ability to damn a nearby unit to get a demon.  Instead, it should have a passive ability.  Whenever any unit dies within 2 of the summoner, it becomes a demon allied with the summoner.  If there are both an allied and an enemy summoner within range, the demon is on the same side as the unit was originally.  So, with a summoner around, you kill an enemy imp and you fight a demon afterwards.

The player who is actually using the summoner has to make the choice to get the summoner up to the front where things are dying, or to just have her stay back summoning and catching the odd tactician or newly spawned imp that dies.


I agree the summoner needs to be tweeked, but I'm not a fan of your solution presented.  Changing an enemy into demon is a really huge part of it.

Some summoner solutions:
(1) Summoner can change something within 3 squares into demon. or
(2) Demon's have +1 Power. or
(3) Summoner has 2 actions but can only summon once per turn and can't move and summon (like geomancer's and his rock ability)


Well, what about this idea?  I'm not sure what the summoner should give up to get this, but what if the summoner let you deploy anything you have that's still in the castle on top of a friendly unit, like the way an assassin deploys (except without stunning) once per turn?  They'd still have the usual deployment unusability, but there would be interesting synergies between them and footmen, shamen, and anything that can (or wants to) take a beating.

One possible drawback to add to the summoner in exchange for a more powerful or extra ability could be that units summoned (and damned) by the summoner are tied to that summoner.  When the summoner is killed/entombed/frogged/etc. all the units summoned by her are removed from play.


I like the summoner as forward deployment facilitator idea... though, to be honest, i don't think there is anything you have to take away from it; as is, it seems pretty much unplayable... either 2 actions or 3 range might help... but more interesting stuff sounds like a better way to deal with it


summoner should get 1 more summon.

a big monster/demon limit 1 on the field at a time,
    is immune to convert/control, instant kill spells and skills.

action 2, damage 8, health 10, armor 2 and can fly anywhere in 3 cost 1 action, attack cost 1  action. 

summoner has to sacrifice 2 demons to summon.

basically this is just an upgraded version of the demon!!!

demon should also be up graded so it cannot be controlled/converted.


I like the 2 actions idea.

Move cost 1 action and summon / demon cost 2 actions


Another summon would be nice. But something weak that with an nice ability