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Zatikon Discussion / Re: More tweaking needed.
December 31, 2009, 03:30:15 PM
Diplomat was updated and I'm pretty sure Conjurer got a range reduction.  They are both fine, I don't see any abusiveness with them.

Units as a general thing, seem to be very well balanced.  There will always be a few problem units, but at that point of editing, it's a bit sad. I'm more interested to see the units that are under vs over-rated tweeked. 

EX: Warrior: +1 HP
Units / Re: The Captain
December 29, 2009, 09:15:56 PM
Yes, disappointed at the captain.  What would have been amazing though is either

(1) The captain had 2 armor and more hp.  The current power and 3 actions would then be ok.  Another option would be giving him 4 actions, but I don't think this is as good.

(2) I would turn the captain's attacking actions down to 1 and then any unit that makes additional attacks with the captain does not cost actions.  Therefore, all units would not be affected by any of their actions.  Additionally, summoning sickness and units that have already used their actions would not be affected.  So you could in theory, move up a soldier 2 squares, then fire away with the captain. (inorganics would not work with captain)
Zatikon Discussion / Re: Zatikon on Facebook
December 21, 2009, 04:51:15 PM
Interesting! Curious to know if this will be of any help, but sure doesn't hurt!
Zatikon Discussion / Re: To All Zatikon Players
December 11, 2009, 10:09:34 PM
btw, I forgot to mention how much I LOATHE day based games.  Every game I've seen on the internet like this.  It's like every myspace application has this where you log in each day and get X amount of credits/moves per day.  The internet is flooded with these types of games and I see no interest to see Zatikon move to this direction.   Zatikon unlike chess doesn't need to have 8 move deep analysis.  Including an optional Unlimited (or 5 min) timer resolves this suggestion for players.
Zatikon Discussion / Re: To All Zatikon Players
December 11, 2009, 07:05:24 PM
QuoteIn Chess you move one unit per turn. In Zatikon you have too many moves going on.

I strongly disagree. It could help for simplicity sake to give a flat # of commands like 5-6 and remove all action making units, but Zatikon is and should NEVER be meant to be a 1-2 action type of game.  At that point you mine as well create a completely new game type.

QuoteI think the Zatikon developer's goal should be to trump Chess.  

I agree there is a market to steal chess players and Zatikon should do more to do that, but Zatikon is NOT about trumping chess.  Zatikon is taking the idea of chess as its base and giving players more interactivity, playability, flexability and a more modern computerised hybrid of chess.  Gamers today definately are easily more attracted to graphics over function, but I believe anything is possible for a game to be 'succesful'.  But, let's define success:  If you want a game to make money, that's where MMORPG's are.  If you want a game to be popular, try making mini games and things that won't make money.  If you want to design a successful strategy game, expect a small demographic.  First, you have to fight off console gamers.  Next, skirt off the demographic of gamers obsessed with graphics (CIV/Quake/Command&Conquer/etc.), after that try to find 'strategy gamers'.  To me, it seems 66% of Zatikon players come in like teenagers.  They are here for free goodies and to try a new game.  After a few days of playing the AI and trying a couple other game modes, they lose interest quickly.  You also have to factor in that yes, the graphics, game and what not look very old and vintage.  It's just not what I think people are looking for.  Sure, the third to a half of Zatikon players came to find something similiar to what they were looking for: a new strategy game and probablly something similiar to chess.  But, without the game being so heavy reliant to be played alone or vs the AI as there are so few people are online, many have left.  It's not saying the game failed, but more the game needs new ways to attract players.  

Cooperative mode is probablly the most popular mode next to single player.  Despite being a die hard fan for Random mode, this tells me people hate competition.  Which you have to understand is really odd because this game is similiar to chess which thrives on human vs human.  But, people really do hate losing to another human but don't mind being defeated by an AI.  I think it's clear the game should expand on a game focued for multiple ways to play against the computer and have playing with another human or 2 be optional.  When the game gains popularity, it can always fall back into the Random/Constructed modes but this should be treated secondary.  

Lastly, I think the game needs to get simpler, but it's difficult to say as it means lots of changes.  I think the combat system is fine.  Even more so, It would be nice to see more of the basic stats written out more.  Zatikon needs to survive as a game of many units where users have the option to read what a unit does but majority of the time users should not be needed to read what a unit does.  The current system still doesn't work that way, even after playing for a long time.  It's clear a Horse in chess moves like in a "L".  It's clear a warlock can hit something within 5 and that a summoner will make more units, but if I have to click to read that a warlock does different damage from a straight line that hits 6 or click to read the stats of the summoner's summons, I feel Zatikon will never get grandiose.  An abjurer simply only needs to unsommon 1 thing within 5, no need to write or have it do anything more.  A Knight could simply kill anything without armor and automatically kill anything with 2 hits, but he won't have any other abilities, nor should I click to have to find out how much hit points units have.  I'm sure I'm over exaggerating things, but It's also good to keep questioning the way we think about Zatikon.
Zatikon Discussion / Re: BLOG IS UP
December 10, 2009, 05:05:05 PM
Yes, feedback would be greatly appreciated as I can chagne my content style if you guys think.
Zatikon Discussion / Re: To All Zatikon Players
December 10, 2009, 04:59:05 PM
Quote from: sgainfordMy advice is first to get rid of the time constraints and set up email Zatikon

I played with my brother and a few others and yes, it would help to be an OPTION, not a requirement.  That being said, I don't think it's that huge of an issue as it's better to get players adapted to the fast style of play as most games the norm is approximately a 1 min timer.  About 'email Zatikon', I'm not sure what you mean, but I don't see much purpose for creation of something similiar.  At that point, just make a new game which is not the correct response.

Quote from: sgainfordBut I think the problems I have with the game other newbie's are having too. I have tried to get my little brothers to play this game... They tell me this game is boring. I said it is not boring; you just have to study it a bit. But they are not interested.

I've addressed many of your points, but I will reiterate: GAMERS DON'T READ. They don't like to read the units or interpret the abilities, let alone read how to play.  Click now, ask later.  Which is why gamers are more interested to see a lame animation of pieces attacking one another rather then have a function.  Look how popular a game like Dofus became.   But, I feel like Zatikon needs to go in between what it is now and what the new real time strategy game Chronic Logic came up with.  Basically, the game should have functions & animations like a SNES game.  Look at games like SNES: Ogre Battle or Command & Conquer'ish type games.  Or even better, the classic Starcraft/Warcraft.  Why can't Zatikon use similiar graphics in a turn based Zatikon concept?  I know there are a few games floating around with better graphics like this and worse gameplan for turn based games.

What I've always believed to be a better solution then better in-game graphics, is the opposite end, making the game 'feel' simpler.  Even if Zatikon didn't use 'sprites', isn't it possible to simplify the units and the unit system?  Can't the game split up complex units into 2-3 units, simplify the combat system?  A game that I've recently got into which I think heavily relates to this topic is 'Battalion Arena' found on  Just look at the animations/combat system. 
Zatikon Discussion / Re: To All Zatikon Players
December 09, 2009, 08:28:35 PM

The site looks much better then it was when I first joined, the game has progressed alot but the population almost the same.  So if the game has had several expansions, better game balance, 2v2 mode, plenty of bells and whistles, the game doesn't need to get better.  But, the game needs to be advertised and possably more attractive for new players.  Also, needs a little revamp on the homepage to make the game looks fresh. It's an easy answer to say blame advertising/marketing for things, but what other things can affect more players/keep players

- Better GUI (medium)
- Better website (low)
- Adding youtube like video to homepage (medium/low)
- More units (low)
- New set (medium, only cause it helps bring in sales :) )
- Advertising (high, but where for low budget)
- Trainer-helper (medium)
- Convert to web based format/flash (high, but low in terms of effort)
- ?
- ??
- ???
Zatikon Discussion / Re: random decks vs cpu
December 08, 2009, 07:53:41 PM
Norsker, your under rating what would most likely happen.  If anything, the human side would be significantly easier if same # of points are used.  It's not going to be like it is currently in random:

Human 1000 pts  AI:25 1000, AI:50 2000 AI:100 4000? AI: 150 8000?!?
Anyhow, the above formula isn't correct, but the % of points per human to AI would be the best way to assert random points given to each side.  I would propose something like this:

(keep in mind this would only pertain to a new game mode, NOT RANDOM)
Lvl.1 1 = 25% points of human
Lvl.25 = 50% pts human
Lvl.50 = 100% pts human
Lvl.75 = 150% pts human
Lvl.100 = 200% pts human
Lvl.150 = 400% pts human
Lvl.200 = 800% pts human
Units / Re: Zatikon Guide
December 08, 2009, 07:47:29 PM
BTW..I've always loved this post.  Best on here.  But, can you rename this thread to "Zatikon Tips", "In-Game Tricks" or "Unit Secrets".  Yes, this belongs on the blog!~
Units / Channeler
December 05, 2009, 01:54:14 AM
I'm really surprised to see that no one has ever posted about the channeler.  For $200, she is clearly the best $200 unit.  5 range attack and one of the very few units to kill a dragon in 1 hit.  So yes, it's currently overpowerul.  It's good to see units over/uner their power level per the price, so all I'm really asking is for it to be tweeked to one of the following:

(1) Make it cost $250.  Yes, it's worth just as much as a druid, not a warrior.


(2) Remove it's 2nd ability to use up all it's stored actions to attack 1 target.
Zatikon Discussion / Re: To All Zatikon Players
December 04, 2009, 08:44:00 PM
"I can't count the number of times one command has made the difference between a failed assault or defensive maneuver and a successful one."

I think 95% of player's can't see the difference.  It can matter in many scenarios.  And yes, it can mean a complete win or lose in a game all due to being able to perform that extra action.

I will devote sole posts just to each unit, but I wanted to start out with some general statements.  I also, don't want to dwelve into too much information.  If your new to a game, it's going to be very difficult to follow as-is.  Too much information meaning that it's not always best to point out every noch and cranny when making posts.  If a post is about "actions", I'm going to losely base it on that.  If a post is on one particular unit, I'm going to break it down more specifically into categories of how to use that particular unit.  Every 'Mage' unit for example deserves it's own post, meanwhile general/tactician, despite being complex, should be lumped up with similiar units.
Zatikon Discussion / Re: To All Zatikon Players
December 04, 2009, 01:05:37 PM
I don't know anything about Korean's.  All I know is that I was made to break down china walls.
No, that actually makes you a perfect candidiate for beggininer then.  As long as you don't mind being censored in case of inappropriate content.  Ie: rascist, sexist, biast jokes, I imagine.

Keeping focus on this thread, can someone officially tell me if it's possable to make a Zatikon Lite version.  More specifically, I'm thinking about mirror armies, 8 basic units and human vs human (although human vs computer could be an option too) as a new game mode.  The mode is geared for simplicity and should attract new players,chess players and meanwhile make Zatikon look fresh with a new game mode. Goal: No healing. No summoning. No Gate Guard. No Units that are confusing to use. Just fast games and mirror armies. Each side gets the same units below or something similiar:

1 general, 2 tactician, 1 rider, 1 ranger, 1 archer, 1 bowman, 1 swordsman, 2 footman, 1 ballista, 0 gate guard

Zatikon Discussion / Re: Posting Problems on Forum
December 04, 2009, 05:40:12 AM
Your removal was valid and a good thing I think.  But at the same time, when you go 3 pages deep in a thread, I think combing a thread does get watered down in meaning.  But seeing an admin 'comb' a forum to remove out excess information should always be seen as a good thing.  Paying no attention is the worst kind of feedback.  

On the topic of censorship, I'm far more offended of how little information or misinformation occurs during life.  Meanwhile, life is cluttered with advertisements and garbage.  As if a tv generation isn't enouh, advertisers are always trying to find a way to intigrate anything we do to find a niche market to sell it to.  So, if anything, censorship should be the least of life's worries.  Life needs less visuals, less information and less trying to stick it's noses where it doesn't belong.
Zatikon Discussion / Re: To All Zatikon Players
December 04, 2009, 05:25:31 AM
Shoot,your right Lunaria.  Kran is much better suited to be the Unit(strategy) guy and me the experienced.  We can still switch.  Here is the blog..hopefully I dont get punished for posting the link:

PS - never stop posting Sean.  Don't let the terrorists win.