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Bug List / Re: Keep getting kicked from the game.
October 14, 2010, 11:58:24 AM
BTW, the initial sound even despite that you can toggle it off is a bit glitchy. I wonder if being able to disable it permanently could help a bit? (i'm sure that isn't directly addressing the problem)
Bug List / Re: White Screen of Death
October 14, 2010, 11:56:18 AM
I'm on a low resource PC with bad graphics card (despite 1G of ram which I don't think it's even using). It never has problems with flash games or DL'ed games (which could be running out of anything).  So, I'm inclined to believe it's Java combined with my cruddy PC. Maybe there is code that can detect a computer's resources and somehow toggle in low quality mode?
Changing board size would be hard to implement MaximB.  What would be nifty though is to have a Type 2-like constructed.  Maybe only the initial set could be used to create those kind of constructed armies. Or, the game makers would hand pick which units can only be used for "type 2" type-like event.
Bug List / White Screen of Death
October 06, 2010, 12:07:17 PM
This problem has occurred since the beginning of me playing Zatikon. I can't verify if it's because of the JAVA, the application, my cruddy computer, or combination of the above. I'm pretty sure I've updated my Java to the latest and have never witnessed a problem like this on any other game despite I don't run heavy graphic intense games.

PROBLEM: Even after just a few minutes of playing with only running Zatikon as the only program, the screen will not let you move,click or perform any actions. If will appear like everything is working, but if you minimize and bring the window up again the entire screen is all white. It typically takes 1-4 minutes to have the screen finally catch up again.  It feels like the Facebook app works better, but I think the same problem occurs.
Zatikon Discussion / Re: Zatikon on Facebook
September 29, 2010, 03:14:10 AM
well, was a nice effort. I'm not sure how to advertise more.  Try making a youtube account and post Zatikon videos maybe?
Inorganics are a great function and are needed to balance the rock-paper-scissor part of the game.  Perhaps inorganics should actually be more simple, but I'm not sure how to elaborate on that. 

Anyhow, The problem I think you might be refering to stems from units creating unwinnable scenarios like a magus, angel, spamming too many summons or maybe a heretic.  Like an inorganic, it spoils the fun if your super piece gets hosed so quickly or if your opponent has an unkillable piece.  The game is really balanced, but perhaps more pieces like the geomancer should exist, to help keep the game simple but fuel the rock-paper-scisssor.
Zatikon Discussion / Zatikon Notes 2010
July 16, 2010, 03:22:28 AM
Haven't been playing much Zat lately, but here is some feedback that I think could help.  Apoligies ahead of time too as I'm sure most of these idea may have been thought of but it's always good to hear a reminder. There has been growing trends in the game industry with an expanded population of younger players and also more and more women mid-age.  The biggest trend is really is obvious, players have ADD.  Shiny gem games to more social based interactive games may becoming more popular, and that should be a hint that Zatikon should reconsider simplifying it's model. I think the entire game should be simplified but that's an entire project of itself. Alas, with a small player pool, the game needs to harvest more cooperative computer fun and less competitiveness/chess'ness.  Adding an additional game mode and/or changing coop mode to survival/boss mode would be a great start.  A simple step might be making a lite* version where there are only the basic units of the game in the same formats of constructed-random-coop-etc.  So, in both deck builder and picking a game mode you would have to 2 options of lite or pro mode.  Deckbuilder would toggle the two modes. 

Reiterating: get someone who has never played the game and sit them down to watch their responses. Without any explanation or helping them, you will watch how frustrating and confusing things probably are.  Yes, I understand the game is complex, but there are things like trainer, youtube videos and Zatikon lite* that might entice them more.  Maybe if the website and shell of the game looked a bit more medieval with detailed looking.  Just like chess, I'd rather be playing something that looks simple, but people are drawn or repulsed by the graphics.  The units are perfect, but maybe the game board, shell and website could just use a face lift.
I loathe Tower Defense games.  It appears like the most popular strategy games fall under real time, but i'm in the minority as a hardcore turn base fan.  I'm basically looking for anything creative, fun or strategic to play.

Other strategy games I play:
(1) Battalion -
(2) Sanctum -
(3) Risk -
I'd like to devote my next update on units to the real core basic units I'd like to see changed. Most of the units I want tweeked because they just aren't good enough in comparison to their neighbors.

Currently: 3/1,
Revised: 4/0 or 3/2 (or even 2/2 with 3 actions). Another option is just making it cost $100 and bring it up to 4/1, 3hp.

Currently: $200, 5/2, 5hp
Revised: Either bring it down to $150 with 4hp or it gets +1hp for the $200 version.

Currently: Give all units +1/+1
Revised: Give all units +1/+1 and Armory will only have 1 permanent target (range1) for a unit to have +1 power.  Armory can undo's it's choice to make another choice, but only 1 target can be used a turn.

Currently: Lay an egg (range 1)
Revised: Lay an egg (range 2)

More then anything else, I'd like to start seeing Single Player mode and Cooperative game modes be treated differently.  Both could be seperated by different formula's assigned to the AI. Single player mode +100 levels is a joke.  

Boss mode* should be an option up there.  Boss mode would also break down that it could be it's mode or used just for single or coop mode.

In general: it would be nice to see some of the game modes:single/coop/constructed work in a limited function where the most obvious units can't be used like Changeling, Hydra, and a couple of the others that make playing unfun.  *The Goal* should be to make normal war units like pikeman, bowman actually helpful versus a level 100 AI.
THIS IS AN IMPORTANT THREAD. Btw..I didn't see this thread cause it was dug underneath 10 other threads above posted with stickies or whatever it does to show up on top of threads.
Can we please have a system similiar to the Elo chess system?

When ever that gets implemented, a rating reset would be necessary.  Having a real thirst to achieve a higher rating would be nice.
Zatikon Discussion / Re: Change Log
March 09, 2010, 06:22:33 PM
No mention of new game shell!  Bee-utiful!  Buttons could use a bit of tweeking, but a huge upgrade.  Toggling music off a long awaited fix too. I will wait patiently to see something like a 'boss mode' to help flourish the mainstream cooperative community.
Zatikon Discussion / Re: Sandbox Mode
February 16, 2010, 09:57:28 PM
actually, I have made a request long ago to something similiar.  Good to hear other people bringing it up again.  I just wish more people played so the game could be developed more on.  Unfortunately, there are bigger things to make better 1st.
Bug List / Re: Supplicant
January 22, 2010, 04:44:32 PM
The supplicant is doing exactly what it is meant to be doing.  Dying by poison & bezerker death is an end of turn phase thing where suplicant is unaffected due to the fact the target is not being triggered by death (attacking phase).

What kinda does bother me though is the supplican't range of 2.  I really wish it had a range of 3.