Kingdom Elemental is now available for pre-order

Started by Chronic Logic - Josiah, November 07, 2006, 02:10:18 AM

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Chronic Logic - Josiah

Chronic Logic announces Kingdom Elemental is now available for Pre-order and will be released by November 30th!

November 6th, 2006 - Santa Cruz, California - Chronic Logic has begun accepting pre-orders for Kingdom Elemental for Windows.  Kingdom will be released for Windows by November 30th, 2006.  All pre-orders of Kingdom Elemental will have the option to participate in the closed beta testing and provide valuable feedback to the developers.  They will also be able to play Kingdom Elemental before its public release.  Kingdom Elemental will only be available for Windows on release, but we hope to be able to provide an OSX and Linux version in the future.

About Kingdom Elemental:
Kingdom Elemental takes place in the world of Eteran.  The world of Eteran is a place of great mystery and intrigue. It is a world home to many different peoples and creatures; some are devious and plotting and others are benevolent and jovial. The world is perfectly balanced in its elements. For every Life in Eteran, there is a Death, for every Natural there is an Artificial. These elements are what hold the lands of Eteran together. However, all that has changed. Beasts have begun to attack all the peoples of Eteran, bringing much death and chaos. Slowly the different factions realized that they must restore balance to the chaos, bring back their world from a state of increasing anarchy.

To begin this task, three factions banded together to form The Order for the Restoration of Balance. One by one all the races and sects of Eteran joined. For some the choice was an obvious one. Others, however, were coerced with the promise of power, money or both. Once The Order was completely formed, they set about to find what exactly was unbalancing their precious world. This force seemed to be neither evil nor good, omnipotent nor omniscient. It was a constant presence that was bringing undue chaos to their once balanced world.

Can you drive back the chaos and restore balance the world of Eteran?  Find out in Kingdom Elemental, a new tactics game available exclusively at

Kingdom Elemental is a real-time tactics game that takes place in rich and vibrant 3d environments filled with dozens of unique monsters and heroes.  More information about Kingdom Elemental can be found at:" target="_blank">

Screenshots:" target="_blank">

Kingdom Elemental can be pre-ordered here:" target="_blank">

All pre-orders will receive instructions on how to take part in the closed beta.