Extra 6 - question about hydraulics

Started by GADefence, October 13, 2009, 06:35:48 AM

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I'm starting to get really annoyed with Extra 6. My major gripe is with getting the hydraulics to do what I'm telling them to do. I'll put a hydraulc1 (the one that retracts) on the botton and work it up, so I can get a piece that works as making the train go across.

Instead of going down, the hydraulic cable RIPS the foundation UP (it's not on a beam, but on a solid part of my foundation slightly higher up). I go, ok, and move things around so I have my cable drawin up. Now it keeps the spot still and FORCES my entire foundation apart upwards. The only join point I have is the one on the part I want moving, but that seems to be the only part that doesn't want to move.

I also have problems sometimes where I will try to draw a bridge up, and it will grab one end (usually the left end) properly, but the it will grab the opposite end on the right. This rips the road out at the start, and causes one end to lift, the other to sink.

Is there a system I'm missing, or a way to tell the hydraulic cables "Don't lift this, lift that" more effectively? Here's my bridge, the top link is working, the bottom is ripping the ground out.

Here's the links, any help would be appreciated. Or an option to make these things not act so wonky.



Is very hard to get a idea of the hydraulic issue with that images.
Post a download link for your bridge.
I can fix that bridge for you, and i can explain the hydraulic issues, with bridge files. :)


I found out my own solution, though I can post it if you want to see it. The problem arose since I kept building that link as part of a support (EX: It was holding other parts up) and I wanted just the left half to go up or down, but the connections were all on the left so it ripped everything out. I just worked around leaving spare spots.


Im glad because you have found the solution for your bridge :)
the hydraulics can work well under certain conditions, because the engine of the game is easily fooled,when the spot where the hydraulics is connected, is the same spot for structure, joint and hidraulic.