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How many more levels is there in the full version?
The demo is a demonstration of some of the features of the Full Version. The demo contains 10 levels while the Full Version contains 32. Sixteen of the 32 are Complex bridges that can only be completed in Complex Mode. These are much more challenging. We also have recently added map-pack support and included a 16 level map-pack for a total of 48 levels.

That sounds promising, but what else do I get in the Full Version that I didn't get in the demo?
The Full Version gives 32 levels of bridge building pleasure plus the bonus 16 level map-pack. It also offers the ability to save and load bridges and levels, make your own levels using the Level Editor, and bonus features when you beat the game

What is the difference between the difficulty levels?
The train weight doubles at each consecutive level of difficulty. For example., Easy is 1x, medium is 2x, and hard is 4x.

I want to buy Pontifex, but I don't have a credit card. What do I do?
Our vendor accepts US and UK checks, as well as International Money Orders and PayPal. We also offer these other payment methods.

Are you going to make a Macintosh or Linux version?
Pontifex is Windows only but the Sequel, Bridge Construction Set is availible for OSX and Linux.

What does Pontifex mean?
Literally translated from Latin, it means "bridge maker." While in modern times it is generally used to mean "bishop," it also makes a cool game name.

Is there a Sequel to Pontifex?
Bridge Construction Set is the offical sequel to Pontifex. It was formally known as Pontifex II

I am trying to connect to an anchor point, but when I click on it, nothing happens?
The anchor point you are trying to connect to is on a different plane. Please see the manual and read the Complex Editing section.

When I go to run the train over the bridge, the bridge explodes! What's happening?
We have had a couple users report this. One user was able to fix this by upgrading his sound card drivers to the most recent ones. You might also try disabling the sounds in the Hardware Configuration program and seeing if that has any effect.

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