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Is there any documentation either with the game download or on the web site?
Check out the Bridge Construction Set manual. It includes instructions for for drawbridges, hydraulics and creating new levels.

Bridge Construction Set is running EXTREMELY slow on my system are there any known issues?
Try updating your OpenGL drivers, Bridge Construction Set requires full OpenGL support. Usually Windows (especially Windows XP) does not ship with OpenGL drivers, so you will have to download them from your video card manufacturer. Check NVIDIA, ATI or INTEL depending on the type of card you have.

Can I download Bridge Construction Set from your server more then once?
You can download Bridge Construction Set multiply times as well as all three (Windows, OSX, and Linux) version of BCS.

I have started the game, but can't change materials. The "help" tells me to use keys 1-6, that does nothing. I tried to click on the material I want, that doesn't work either.
In Bridge Construction Set some materials are not available on some levels. If the material is name is grayed out and shows a 0/0 then you cannot use this material on the current level.

Is there any possibility to buy Bridge Construction Set without a credit card or from another country?
Our vendor swreg accepts a number of large currency's and payment methods. Here is a list of the accepted payment methods: PayPal, Discover/Novus, Amex, Diners, Master Card, VISA, Solo, Switch, JCB, Connect, Eurocard, Delta, most Electron but not all, UK and US checks, USD wires against Proformas. We also accept other payment methods.

I can't pass level extra03 no matter what I try?
Level extra03 has been fixed in the patch, make sure you have updated.

How can I adjust the screen resolution, switch to full screen or turn the sound off?
Use the Hardware Configuration from the start menu in programs->Bridge Construction Set->Hardware Configuration. Click on the resolution you want to use and click full screen to toggle the setting you prefer then click done.

How big is the Bridge Construction Set download?
11 MB for Windows, 14MB for Linux and 17MB for OSX

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