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If you like Pontifex enough to go searching for a hack for it then I highly suggest you just buy it. It's a lot less hassle and you are guaranteed that it will work now and in the future. You will also be guaranteed that it will not infect your computer with viruses and/or spyware.

Pontifex is not a $599 piece of software created by hundreds of people. It was created by a couple people trying to make a honest living by working hard and making a goood product. Pirating Pontifex is hurting our chances of being able to continue making great games down the road.

Compared to other popular entertainment options (restaurants, bars, movies, concerts) Pontifex is cheap ($19.95), and you only have to buy it once and it is yours to play forever.

We really appreciate your support in buying Pontifex so we can continue to make bigger and better versions in the future.

Buy Pontifex for only $19.95

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