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If I purchased Bridge It from Chronic Logic can I get a Steam Key for Bridge It Plus?
If you purchased Bridge It Plus or Bridge It and the Add-on Pack from Chronic Logic you can get a free Steam Key for Bridge It Plus here: Retrieve Steam Key

If you purchased Bridge It and would like to get the add-on pack it can be purchased here: Bridge It Add-on Pack ($4.95)

What is Bridge It Plus and what happened to Bridge It?
Bridge It Plus is the original Bridge It bundled with the Bridge It Add-on Pack. In short it is Bridge It plus eight additional levels not included in the original release. Bridge It Plus is now offered for the same price as Bridge It so you get more levels for the same price!

Does Bridge It Plus only run on NVIDIA video cards?
No! The newest version (1.2) of Bridge It Plus will now run on any type of video card!

What role did NVIDIA, Auran and Chronic Logic each play in the development of Bridge It Plus?
Bridge It Plus is the brainchild of Chronic Logic. Bridge It Plus's design is based on Chronic Logic's game Bridge Construction Set. Auran's artists and programmers, armed with the Auran Jet software engine, consulted with Chronic Logic to transform the original Bridge Construction Set into a new gaming experience. NVIDIA joined these two companies together and provided its 3D graphics expertise, as well as moral support, and turned Bridge It Plus into one of the most compelling 3D games on the market today.

How is Bridge It Plus different from Bridge Construction Set?
Bridge It Plus is a much more graphic-intense version of BCS. While the gameplay in Bridge It Plus and BCS is similar, the intended audiences for the two games are slightly different. Bridge It Plus was designed with casual gamers in mind and is designed for gamers of all skill levels. BCS is slightly more flexible and challenging and is geared towards the more experienced gamer. Hence, the change of name of BCS to Bridge It Plus (and not BCS 2). See below for more information.

Will Bridge It Plus be available for OSX and Linux?
Unfortunately Bridge It Plus is based on a graphics engine that is Windows only. It is not possible for us to create a linux or OSX version of Bridge It Plus. However our future games will support Linux and OSX.

Can I purchase Bridge It Plus and Download it?
Yes you can purchase Bridge It Plus for download and you will be given a link to download the game (138 MB).

How big is the download of the Bridge It Plus demo?
138 MB

What are the differances between Bridge It Plus and BCS?
1. Bridge It Plus is not intended to be a sequel for BCS players. It is intended to introduce new players to our games.
2. Bridge It Plus offers improved graphics and sound.
3. Bridge It Plus offers a streamlined user interface.
4. Bridge It Plus requires a video card that supports vertex and pixel shaders 2.0 or better while BCS works with any OpenGL 1.1 compatible video card.
5. Bridge It Plus includes three Tutorial and thirty eight levels while BCS has three Tutorial and fourty levels and over a hundred community created levels.
6. Bridge It Plus offers a subset capability of BCS's complex editing function -- specifically there is no Z-axis editing.
7. Bridge It Plus does not include a level editor to allow for custom levels.
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