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Started by mongolian, December 05, 2009, 01:54:14 AM

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I'm really surprised to see that no one has ever posted about the channeler.  For $200, she is clearly the best $200 unit.  5 range attack and one of the very few units to kill a dragon in 1 hit.  So yes, it's currently overpowerul.  It's good to see units over/uner their power level per the price, so all I'm really asking is for it to be tweeked to one of the following:

(1) Make it cost $250.  Yes, it's worth just as much as a druid, not a warrior.


(2) Remove it's 2nd ability to use up all it's stored actions to attack 1 target.


I am inclined to agree, however channeler is one of very few units that can aually counter a hydra mourner combination
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Yeah, it needs to be brought down a notch.

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What about this:

Cost: 200$
Life: 2
Energy: 0
Actions: 2

Move to target location. 1 Range. Cost 1 Action.
Gain 2 energy per turn. Maximum 7 energy.
Energy bolt. Enemy is damaged by 3. Anywhere within 3. Cost 1 energy, no actions.
Energy blast. Enemy dies. Anywhere within 3. Cost 7 energy, 1 action.


Channeller. One simple tweak, second ability should become:
- Sacrifice all energy, each 3 energy deals 1 damage.

The first power, is very reasonable because it involves 1 action per turn. Tweaking the 2nd ability will make it balanced.