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Started by zatikon, November 05, 2008, 05:40:58 PM

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Chronic Logic - Josiah

- The Diplomat is in
- Lots of bug fixes. Thanks for all the reports in the forum!

Chronic Logic - Josiah

- New unit the Captain has been added
- Changling's range for trading with an enemy has been reduced to 5
- Added a mute player option in the chat window options



- The Abbey is in
- Lots of bug fixes


while a mute player is nice i would still like a NUDGE button!
Bad guys are no problem when you're an asshole yourself

Chronic Logic - Josiah

- More bug fixes!
- The Abbey can deploy Clergy and Cultist units to surrounding squares
- The Abbey costs 2 to deploy instead of 4
- The Barracks can deploy Soldier and Commander units to surrounding squares
- The Fanatic costs 2 to deploy instead of 1


Finally music off with sounds on, I can have zat in the background in search for the opponent mode!!!


No mention of new game shell!  Bee-utiful!  Buttons could use a bit of tweeking, but a huge upgrade.  Toggling music off a long awaited fix too. I will wait patiently to see something like a 'boss mode' to help flourish the mainstream cooperative community.

Chronic Logic - Josiah

- New title screen
- Separate mute for music and sounds
- More bug fixes

Chronic Logic - Josiah

- New unit type: Relics
- Save settings for music and sounds
- Lots of new units
- New Tutorial
- Interface updates
- Summoning units have been revised
- Wyvern has been revised
- Heretic has been revised
- Possessed has been revised
- Added mirrored random
- And more!

Chronic Logic - Josiah

- Couple of unit images updated
- Couple of bug fixes
- Balance changes and updates to Diabolist, Necromancer, Hydra, Wyvern, Militia, Possessed, Ghost, Druid and Warrior
- Summoned units now disappear when their summoner switches sides

- AI golder bordered units now drops relics when killed which can be picked
- Several bug fixes and balance changes


Sep  20th - Several balance changes ?????

cmon be more specific, at least tell what units were modified, it is not a guessing game.

Chronic Logic - Josiah

- New Zatikon Game guide:
- Updated the unit guide:
- The Strategist's deploy was increased by 1
- The Diabolist explode unit range was increased to 3 and it's cost was reduced to 1 soul
- The Diabolist Demon form had its explode unit power removed and now has a 5 power attack

- Added 2v2 team selection screen
- Added replay last random game option in the invite menu
- Added graphic effects for various abilities that create a link
- Added an exit button
- Added new player list icons
- Overall reducing in time it takes to bring up screens and load information
- Fixed several bugs

- Fixed game freezing when lots of sound effects were triggered at once time

- Fixed graphics bug with the Ballista and units with parry
- Fixed the selling extra units screen freezing at times

- Several bug fixes with the Facebook version
- Summoned units can now be summoned onto spaces with Relics in them

- Several bug fixes with the Necromancer


Thanks for the updates. Try to make a few of the new relics open to non paying members please. Currently, way too many only paying units.