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Chronic Logic releases a New Gish Demo

Started by Chronic Logic - Josiah, December 16, 2006, 12:40:45 AM

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Chronic Logic - Josiah

Chronic Logic releases a New Gish Demo

December 15th, 2006 - Santa Cruz, California - Chronic Logic has released a new demo version of Gish, the Independent Game festivals grand price winner of 2005.   The new Gish demo includes "Turbo mode" which is now on in the full version by default.  If you have only played the first Gish demo or have not tried Gish at all try the new Gish demo now!  Turbo mode gives Gish a much faster paced, action packed feel, like the arcade style, side-scrolling game it was meant to be.  Try Gish again for the first time.  The new Gish demo is available for Windows, Linux and OSX and can be downloaded from Chronic Logic:" target="_blank">

About Chronic Logic:
Located in Santa Cruz, California, Chronic Logic LLC was founded on the premise that a small development team can make games that are original, dynamic and fun.  Chronic Logic has continued to develop and distribute fun and original games such as Pontifex, Bridge Construction Set, Triptych, Gish and Kingdom Elemental.