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Chronic Logic Releases Kingdom Elemental Demo!

Started by Chronic Logic - Josiah, January 05, 2007, 11:54:03 PM

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Chronic Logic - Josiah

Chronic Logic Releases free Kingdom Elemental Demo for Windows!

January 5th, 2006 - Santa Cruz, California - Chronic Logic announces the release of a free Kingdom Elemental demo.  Kingdom Elemental is a new real-time tactics game from Chronic Logic and Liberation Games.  Kingdom Elemental combines features from tactics, role-playing and strategy games into a fun package that can be played for hours or just a few minutes.  It is easy to pick up and play but difficult to master.  Try the free demo or take a look at the gameplay trailer to see what Kingdom Elemental is all about.  Kingdom Elemental is only available for Windows, but we hope to be able to provide an OSX and Linux version in the future.  

Kingdom Elemental Demo:" target="_blank">

Gameplay Trailer on YouTube:" target="_blank">

Here is what people are saying about Kingdom Elemental:

"Somewhere between tactical and real time strategy there exists a perfect blend.  Kingdom Elemental may very well be it." – Game Tunnel

"Best tutorial ever." – Seth Robinson, Robinson Technologies

"...playing through all the levels becomes a quest of undeniable desire that was satisfying through the very last battle." – Game Tunnel

"I bought this game without playing the demo. I almost never do that. But it's from Chronic Logic.....who I trust to show me a good time....I don't regret that purchase for a second. This is a fun game." – Jesse, Third Party Ninjas

More information about Kingdom Elemental can be found at:" target="_blank">

Screenshots:" target="_blank">

Order Kingdom Elemental here:" target="_blank">

About Chronic Logic:
Located in Santa Cruz, California, Chronic Logic LLC was founded on the premise that a small development team can make games that are original, dynamic and fun.  Chronic Logic has continued to develop and distribute fun and original games such as Pontifex, Bridge Construction Set, Triptych, Gish and Kingdom Elemental.