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Make grammars fix here!

Started by Chronic Logic - Josiah, November 17, 2006, 06:28:15 PM

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Chronic Logic - Josiah

Please post all grammar and spelling mistakes here.


Ok, I'm trying to go through the tutorial, but I don't have the finalized scripts with the latter additions. So I'm trying to just go with does the words being said match with what's on the screen.


TUT_03: "If you do not have a scroll wheel, you can use the Z and X keys." Text reads " can use the Z and X keys TO ZOOM", so cut off "TO ZOOM"

TUT_10: "You can select multiple units by clicking and dragging a box around them". Text reads " clicking a dragging a box around them." Switch first "a" to "and".

TUT_11: Mispelled "couldn't" as "coulden't", which makes me giggle.

TUT_14: "...I tend to lean a little bit more towards hackin..." Text reads "I tend to lean a little bit hackin..." add a "more towards" in there!

TUT_20 add a "s" so it reads: "The swordsman can soak up hit"s" much more efficiently than the archer can"

TUT_23 add a second "h" to huh. currently it's "hu", which also makes me giggle.

TUT_34 "While the battle is paused, you can issue orders..." Text reads, "While the game is paused..." Switch out "game" for "battle"

I think there are a few more. but it's hard to keep track. It might help if you post the EXACT script that's in the build directly from your code if you have to so I can just match them up this way. Currently I have to just play through and make frantic scribbly notes.


Found some more, if'n it ain't too late

In the Monks description, "who're" should probably be broken apart to "who are". Also the word "to" is capitalized twice in the description as "To" for no apparent reason.

Swordsman's description reads he is from the "north". Should that be capitalized, "North"?

The description of the druid's Thorn Shield spell has the word "delt" which should be spelled "dealt".

Sorry if they're too late!