Flying Boat causes Crashing Game

Started by Brinx, October 03, 2002, 08:57:18 PM

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This bug has been fixed as  well as a few other ones, you can check out the list that DarkWolfNine keeps updated here:

Josiah" target="_blank">



Lo Folks,

Something odd happened yesterday when testing a bridge in medium level 3 (I might be mistaken here, but i don't think this bug is level-specific anyway.) When the boat passed underneath the opened bridge, a bit of bridge came loose (was 'snagged'by the boat) and caused the boat to fly upwards for quite a bit - just 'behind'(deeper into the screen, so to speak) the bridge, and all the way up high. When it landed back in the water, the game crashed. I was in stitches over this, it looked very funny. Tho I can't imagine this was supposed to happen. I'll try to recreate the effect and mail the bridge file to CL. Has anyone else had this happen?


I like the flying ship bug.. It reminds me of old Bridge Builder when you could get the train to fly around in levels ;)


It happens when the train drops on the ship :> i know.


Yup, there's a discussion and a downloadable bridge (by Shark) in my forum,;f=11;t=7;st=12" target="_blank">exactly here..." target="_blank">
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