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Started by JohnK, August 06, 2002, 02:20:42 AM

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Here are the combo numbers for expert mode:

10+ blocks on Good Combo
20+ blocks is a Great Combo
40+ blocks is an Super Combo
60+ blocks is a Excellent Combo
80+ blocks is a Mega Combo
100+  blocks is a Elite Combo
120+ blocks is a Roy Sowyers Combo

Hard mode is twice the blocks, medium is times 3 and easy it times 4 (40,80,160,240,320,400,480).



Perhaps I am missing an obvious explantion, but I can't seem to figure out what the combos are about. I assume they are the # of blocks you energize, but the only ones I have ever had are "good combos". Am I overlooking something or do I just stink that much at this excellent game?


There seem to be those combos:

Good Combo
Great Combo
Super Combo
Excellent Combo
Mega Combo
Elite Combo
Roy Sawyers Combo

But i havent seen anything but the good combo yet" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'>.



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The Combos are based on the number of blocks you energize with out losing your bonus.

Chronic Logic


Maybe we could put together a complete table of all combo levels on all difficulty levels...
Anyway, AFAIR,
130 blocks on Easy is a Great Combo,
199 blocks is a Super Combo,
241 blocks is an Excellent Combo,
352 blocks is a Mega Combo,
410 blocks is an Elite Combo
(these are not the minimum values, though).
BTW, IMO playing on easy is much more fun than anything else, because there's a huge lot of stuff going on all the time" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'> and incredibly long combos are possible... on the harder levels, the board gets filled up much faster, gameplay is much slower and the experience isn't nearly as rewarding (for me, at least).

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 so how do you calculate them? It seems to be depended of the difficulty-level. Because on Easy (Ultra) I got a "great combo" for 120 blocks. Just before on Expert (Ultra) I got a great one for 13(?) blocks.


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Also, for scoring:

Each block you clear before bonus meter hits zero does two things:

1) Adds bonus to score
2) Adds 25 to bonus.

When bonus meter hits 0, bonus is reset to 100


tchenz is correct, its takes a lot less blocks to get the bonus awards on the more difficult levels.  So one expert you need a lot less blocks to get the good combo then on easy.