New multiplayer rating system and rank reset

Started by Chronic Logic - Josiah, October 14, 2011, 08:36:05 PM

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Do you want a new rating system which will reset the current player ranks?

Yes - new system, reset ranks
4 (66.7%)
No - keep rating system the same
0 (0%)
New rating system but keep current ranks
2 (33.3%)

Total Members Voted: 6

Chronic Logic - Josiah

Please vote on a new multiplayer rating system.


I am in favor of a new ranking system, although, I am not in favor of resetting the current ranks.

However, there are a lot of players that play extremely rarely.  I would suggest perhaps in the new ranking system, there be some sort of way that rank decays over time.  Perhaps you would need to play at least one game for rank, every 30 days, or else your rank decreases by 1.  This would slowly make room for more lower ranked (higher number rank, i mean) players to advance.  So in a way, this would sort of "reset" the ranks, but slowly.

It would also make it so higher ranked players would not dodge games (not that most do) by just playing invite for no rank, by requiring a certain amount of ranked games to be played.


to add to that...maybe a monthly rate also

maybe monthly rank is displayed on the player list but the top scores stays the time...the other thing is that there are alot of people on the top scores that havent been on in a long time...and the amount of games they played 4 years ago makes it hard to get into the top scores now...


A new ranking system and a reset would be nice. Is it possible to have separate rankings for constructed and random? Many people only play ranked random at the moment while some of us prefer constructed. Constructed is quite different from random so I feel the rankings should reflect this.

Chronic Logic - Josiah

At the end of the month the current ranks will be recorded and then a new system will be added and the ranks will be reset.  We are thinking about having monthly ratings as suggested.  For now there won't be a separate rank for constructed and random but its possible for a future month.


for sure a new system is required. it would be nice if execpt of the rank, the actual score would be shown so the players woould know how much they need to reach next player. (since i'm nr3 for more then a year now)

Also for sure add a slide to the system, so after a month a players that are not playing would slide a bit.

you need to figure out some combination of chess and tenis ranking combination.

In my opinion both random and constructed should be in a single ranking


Along the lines of chess, what about a rating next to our name (1200, 1400) and then a leader board of ranks.

I don't know how you want to do ranks, either by rating or by wins, like it is now.

Chronic Logic - Josiah

The new system will be similar to chess, your point total and overall rank will be displayed.  We are just doing some final testing on it before we save all the current ranks and then add the new system and reset the ranks.  The old ranks will be posted here or on the web page.


I think that the inactive players should be removed from the ranking. Those 9000+ ranking are very ugly. And it isnt fair either. Those players are probably better than the inactive players, so they should have a better ranking.

Here are 3 options:

1. I think the best one. If you are able to determine how long a player is inactive, the rule could be that if a player doesn't have 20(or 5 or 10) ranked games in the last year (in the last 365 days), he will be removed form the ranking. He still keeps his ELO points so if he plays some ranked games he will be put back into the ranking. (if he logs in he will still have an ELO point next to his name but no ranking number)

2. Only put a player into the ranking if he has some (5, 10 or 20) ranked game. This solve the problem now, but wont remove the inactive players in the future.

3. Hide the ranking of all the players, only show the ELO points. The top 20 players still can be seen in the menu.)