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10/7/11 - Zatikon:Legions released!

Started by Chronic Logic - Josiah, October 08, 2011, 12:20:11 AM

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Chronic Logic - Josiah

Chronic Logic announces the release of Zatikon:Legions an add-on pack for the free game Zatikon

We are excited to release the latest Zatikon add-on pack.  The Zatikon:Legions pack adds over thirty new unique and powerful units.  Legions also introduces a new category of units called Relics.  Relics allow you to customize your army even farther adding powerful abilities to existing units.  Feel the rage of the barbarian, haunt your opponents with the possessed or take justice into your own hands with the confessor.  Each unit has unique powers and abilities to provide even more tactics to a game already rich with strategies for victory. These units can be used in single player, vs, and co-op game modes.

Not only have we released a whole bunch of new units in the Legions add-on pack but we have also been working hard on making the free version of Zatikon better then ever.  Zatikon has been updated with new graphics, a cleaner interface, exciting unit changes, new game modes and more!  Play Zatikon for free today!

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About Zatikon:
Construct your army out of creatures as varied as the magnificent dragon or mighty warrior to the evil necromancer or holy Templar. Destroy your opponent with a heavy cavalry charge or defeat their army before they can reach you with archers, crossbowmen and mages. Use an unlimited number of strategies to defeat your opponents and earn gold to increase the might of your army. Play Zatikon for free and start building your armies today!

Zatikon is a free turn based multiplayer tactics game featuring over 30 unique units with over 80 additional units available in add-on packs. Build your army and defeat your opponent. With an almost unlimited number of possible strategies at your disposal Zatikon highly addictive and fun. Zatikon includes online player ranking and several extra game types including co-op, single player and random army mode.

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