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Balancing single Player VS AI

Started by trantor, October 07, 2011, 05:59:52 AM

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At high levels , it is increasingly becoming difficult to fight AI.
Also there is no ingame incentive for veterans to play the AI...

Change: in single player/CO-op   (where you play AI and not other players),
the total points for the army should be 1000+ AI level rounded to nearest 50 or 100.
This will make it easier for someone to g up to level 500+
also to see unique combo like Wyvren+ draco in ne game

NOTE: this is only against random it will still be same 1000 for both players. I am not sure how to handle it in constructed.


i agree. this is a great idea. and incentive to keep playing.


It also does a very important function :- diffrentiaties a person joining today from a person playing zatikon since 1 year.
there has to be some incentive for the old members to retain and love their login/zatikon character


seems like the game is dead...... rarely find folks online
AI is too much tough to be fun anymore


Yes... I can rarely find someone online either. However, we can allways log in on weekends, when there is more players. Also, we can setup a forum thread for any players willing to schedule fights :)

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