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Zatikon too complex

Started by mongolian, August 25, 2011, 07:54:37 PM

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I want to thank the devs for pushing out new stuff. Always appreciated to see a good hard work. Some of the pieces are really awesome, however, as a whole I have a really bad review from this next expansion:

This will be the last I will be playing Zatikon as it has reached the boiling point for being too confusing for me (and for new players will be too incredible).  I  I really appreciated the simplicity and the ability to calculate all the pieces based on 1-2 unit abilities.  Adding more and more units which I can't decipher how they work at first go is really bad news. The game needed more simplicity overall, not complexity.  To confuse it more, all the new relic's made the game far more unpredictable how to plan out a game, made it more unbalanced towards super pieces and overall complicates the game.  This may be appreciated by other die hard veterans here, but it is going to make it much harder to attain newer players.  Best of luck on the game.

Chronic Logic - Josiah

Look for a new game based on Zatikon which will have less units and be much more simple.   The problem is once you give players units you can't take them away.  There is no way to remove parts of Zatikon at this point because players have paid for content.


What if everytime you buy a unit, a pop up comes giving full description of the unit?
will that help

generally i feel games work best if new features and units get unlocked as players progress up the ladder.
this ensures simplicity for newbies and sufficient complexity for vetrens