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Started by mongolian, November 19, 2010, 01:32:25 AM

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The new modes presented below should help revitalize the community especially with a low population. With a low population, it's hard to get games going. I've seen the desire to play lots of 2v2 games but the fact is logging in, we need more things for players to do when people are in other games or no one is there:

(1) BOSS MODE: Unfortunately, this would take a lot of effort, but this mode would be another single player mode, where each level's goal is just to kill the boss unit.

(2) 2v2* (Upgraded!): Player's will now have the choice to add up to as many AI's as they want. So, technically you could start your own game and play against 1 ally AI and 2 enemy AI. Also, means lots of combination like 2 humans vs 1 human& 1 IA, or still 2 human vs human. etc. All enemy AI, start with double (2000pts) worth of random army, just like it operates as single player to an extent. The big revision in 2v2 needs to be players must choose the seat (team) they will play on. This will help them easily add the AI to the correct team and position.

(3) 2v2 RANDOM Everything is the same as step 2, but all player's armies are random selections.

(4) MIRROR ARMIES 1v1: Random armies, but mirrored. All selections will include 1 archer and 1 horseman type minimum.