6/25/10 - Get Drilltastic with AstroDriller3020 for Windows and Mac

Started by Chronic Logic - Josiah, June 25, 2010, 05:03:56 PM

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Chronic Logic - Josiah

Chronic Logic announces AstroDriller3020 for Windows and Mac!

AstroDriller3020 is a physics based arcade style space drilling simulation!  If you like fast paced physics based action with a lot of flashing lights, bright colors and upgrade points then check out AstroDriller for free.

Download AstroDriller3020:

About AstroDriller3020:
Hey man, what are you doing sitting there? We've got asteroids to drill and gems to collect! Get off yer seat warmer and get your Laser Turret ready! We've got 90 levels to drill through, all with unique properties: how fast the asteroids fall, how many asteroids there are, different colored asteroids, and a few more surprises! I need you to catch the asteroids with your Laser Turret and guide them into their matching vacuum tubes...all the while grinding off excess rock to get extra points. So what are you waiting for, you'd better get to gettin' while the gettin's good!

Watch the video, check out the screenshots and get more info about AstroDriller3020: