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New Rating Formula + Rating Reset

Started by mongolian, March 10, 2010, 06:34:15 PM

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Can we please have a system similiar to the Elo chess system?

When ever that gets implemented, a rating reset would be necessary.  Having a real thirst to achieve a higher rating would be nice.


In the advent it's too much effort to implement an advanced rating system, how about something as similar to this sliding scale SIMPLE way:

According to both player's difference in ratings:

0                 = +/- 15
+1 - 99        = +13/-17
+100 - 249  = +10/-20
+250 - 499  = +6/-24
+500           = +3/-29

EX: If your opponent's rating is 200 and yours is 400.  You will risk gaining 10 points if you win or lose 20 points.


I guess it kind of feels like you already have implemented a sliding scale rating system to some extent. I must say I'm not a fan of not knowing the hidden rating system. For the small few of us who play ranked, it means we have no clue how far-behind we are from the next person.

Additionally, it would also have the top 50-100 saved somewhere and have the ratings reset once again. It's nice and exciting playing for rating when player's have a chance to strive to be top player. I'm sure the current system makes getting to #10 almost impossible with the current player pool, let alone #1.


no kidding i haven't played a ranked match for nearly a year and im still in the low 30's as opposed to high 20's in short a max of 5 spots lost ove the duration of nearly a year
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We are all missing the lack of a good rating system. All is needed is to get the formulas from wikipedia. So many things MUCH harder to program than that...