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Other strategy game interests?

Started by ChronicLogicMarketing, February 17, 2010, 06:52:03 PM

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Hey Zatikon Community,

Us at Chronic Logic were interested in what other strategy games our community members played. Did your experience with this game/games influence your decision to give Zatikon a try? Information such as this is really useful for determining what aspects of Zatikon draw in new players in relation to already existing markets, and could help us redirect our promotional efforts.


Chronic Logic Marketing


I loathe Tower Defense games.  It appears like the most popular strategy games fall under real time, but i'm in the minority as a hardcore turn base fan.  I'm basically looking for anything creative, fun or strategic to play.

Other strategy games I play:
(1) Battalion -
(2) Sanctum -
(3) Risk -


I loved Warlords 2 and 3 at the time, those were indeed great games.
The only game to date (that I know of) that the diplomacy aspect implanted well.
In most other games you got allies and enemies that cannot be changed after the game starts.
But in Warlords 2 and 3 you can make/break peace/war/alliance during the game - something that I loved and made the game for me.
Warlords 4 didn't have diplomacy and sucked badly, that's the reason we don't have Warlords 5 yet.

Also I loved Settlers 2, but that's a whole other game.


Most of the games over at Sean O'Connor's Windows Games have been in my time killing toolbox for years, for the same reason I'm drawn to Zatikon:  A certain elegant simplicity with regard to picking up the games, but nearly endless possibilities for playing them.


Sean's games are great, I remember beating every one of the Slay games. Brilliant. I did some digging and found a Slay clone too (characters are mushrooms), but forgot it's name.

It's sad there are soo soo few good games out there.

Whoop365's online games where you get 1 day to make a move - makes it so you dont have to be on at the same time as a friend to play - very cool


i love wesnoth.  turn based. and rpg, all in one. and free.
lots of incentive to keep playing, as you keep units as they power up.