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The Captain

Started by Lunaraia, December 29, 2009, 01:22:40 AM

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While it is refreshing to finally have an update i have to say i am somewhat disappointed in this new unit. As far as i can say the Captain is just as if not even more useless then the Wyvern, the wyvern lacks the actions needed to be useful, however the captain's flaw is that he forces all allied units within his attack range to attak the same unit if able, whie this would save commands in the long run this still causes the units to loose actions leaving them useless afterwards, especially since the captain has 3 actions while most other ranged units only have 2 in otherwords unless you attack with the captain last all your ranged units will focus fire on the unit the captain attacks using up their actions in the process, not only that but it may seem like auto attackers like bowmen does not target the units that the captain does, atleast they didn't when i used bowemen together with him, my suggestion give him 1 more power so you don't use up all the actions of other ranged units, or lower his attack range by 1 and give him the warrios multi attack ability or make the auto attacks free
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At 150 construction points, the captain costs as much as the most directly comparable unit, the archer.  It has the same effective attack range(5), albeit at the cost of one extra command.  It is slightly more durable than the archer, but must move one space closer to its enemies.  It additionally has the ability(granted, a slightly difficult to use ability) to potentially save you a lot of commands.

No, the captain didn't blow me out of the water either-for 150 points, however, I'm glad it didn't.  I consider it a slightly better version of the archer.


Yes, disappointed at the captain.  What would have been amazing though is either

(1) The captain had 2 armor and more hp.  The current power and 3 actions would then be ok.  Another option would be giving him 4 actions, but I don't think this is as good.

(2) I would turn the captain's attacking actions down to 1 and then any unit that makes additional attacks with the captain does not cost actions.  Therefore, all units would not be affected by any of their actions.  Additionally, summoning sickness and units that have already used their actions would not be affected.  So you could in theory, move up a soldier 2 squares, then fire away with the captain. (inorganics would not work with captain)


Made some tests, captain sounds ok for me.
Mongolian, if it costed no actions, it would become so strong with units like the warlock.