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Zatikon on Facebook

Started by ChronicLogicMarketing, December 18, 2009, 11:14:52 PM

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Hey Zatikon community,

Just reminding you all to check out Zatikon's Facebook page seen here:

Facebook provides us with a great interactive platform to post instructional videos, update
news and give teasers about upcoming events or units. Do not forget to add us to your friends
list; by doing so you will be able to contribute to and create discussions, write on our "wall"
and provide commentary on the latest events in the world of Zatikon. In essence it provides us
with not only an awesome venue to showcase our great game but also gives our community another
great place to check out new content, talk about it and interact with others.

Looking forward to seeing you all there,

Chronic Logic


Interesting! Curious to know if this will be of any help, but sure doesn't hurt!


Hey guys,

Just letting you know that the Zatikon Facebook page is moving to its application page, so if you haven't
already, make sure you become a fan of the new page. You can find the link to the application page on the old page, or it can be found here!/apps/application.php?v=wall&id=320495593061


well, was a nice effort. I'm not sure how to advertise more.  Try making a youtube account and post Zatikon videos maybe?


Is there a way to use the same account on Facebook as we use with the downloaded version? I would like to have access to my units. I would also prefer to keep my real name hidden.

Chronic Logic - Josiah


Yes we can switch your facebook account over to a normal account if you like.  The normal account will be overwritten.  Send an e-mail to support with your facebook name and your regular account name.


Thanks for the response. I haven't used my Facebook account much, so I'll stick with my normal account.


btw..thats been very helpful to have the FB account. I didn't have to download the client at work. so very safe for work!


facebook zatikon doenst seem to be working since the last wants me to download it...but it wont download update through browser

i'm using google chrome and windows 7 if that helps

Chronic Logic - Josiah

Chronic Logic - Josiah

It should be working correctly now with the latest update.


actually i cannot log in with my normal account in facebook. it creates a new account with my name
it would be cool if i could someway link my zatikon "Kran" with my facebook account.

Chronic Logic - Josiah

Right now there is not a way to automatically link an account to your facebook, I think we could do it manually for you if you wanted though.