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White Mages

Started by Kran, June 27, 2009, 02:50:21 AM

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The white mages have gained lots of units in last days, and some are overpowered or unbalanced. Follows.

Abjurer and magus, are the 2 white mages i think are perfect. Alchemist is pretty good now, with only some supportable things.

Enchanter is to much strong, expectially in 2v2. I would suggest its dazzle be: Select target unit. The unit and all otherl units 1 range of that unit are stunned during one turn. Can be targetted at allies or enemyes.

Wizard is to much strong. I would like it range units doesnt fly, and +1 power to attack, and you can levitate units that allready fly. So, you can stun enemyes.

Artificer is to much combos and RPS. I will post something at my Unit ideas topic, and i'm thinking about something that include: Ally gain +1 armour -1 life.