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Started by Kran, June 11, 2009, 04:46:39 AM

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Well, that unit is a bit underpowered... people dont use it. I have a suggestion. What about changing the guardian ability?

I have a suggest: First time an unit attempt to move anywhere in 4, the move is blocked and the unit is inpeaced to move until end of turn. But that can be abused with lots of shamans... Any suggests?


The shaman is pretty well-designed at the moment, only being not used because of the focus on heavy ranged combat.  When facing a deck that has to close distance, they're very powerful.  They're not useful against the computer because the comp has so many actions.

If it's to get any changes, I'd suggest possibly making it cheaper dropping it to 100 points, even if that means lessening its power and/or the range of its move negation.


I like Shaman the way it is.


I'm totally fine with shaman.  I'm as excited as a school girl when i get one in random, but for constructed, there are just too many more "leathal pieces".  That doesn't mean it's underpowered, it's just not unit in rock-paper-scissors of the best constructed armies.