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Started by Kran, May 28, 2009, 12:57:42 PM

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Chronic Logic - Josiah

Quote from: Jezebeau on June 03, 2009, 05:19:36 PM
Ooh, idea!  How about, rather than making units immune, it functions like a reverse chieftain.  Prevent all movement towards the diplomat for a turn.

I really like this idea!


I love the new armistice, but at $200, I'm not sure too many people will use it.  Perhaps $150?  I also extremely enjoy the fact having a unit prevent/stall my opponent from attacking fast.  I currently feel the game is too fast as is.


About the armistice:

I dont like the fact i can attack before casting it. I would like it would only helping in movement or help creating a defense, or help summoning units. Then i would see no problem is making it applye to allyes. I think something that only applyes to "your" units and not to all allied means that this ability is weak in balancement. The fact is: Armistice is a attack ability. I say that not cuz it is an attack, but cuz it works as something that increase power of rush and most times cant be defended. I think this will still cause problems like the Very-old-sergeant did (Army move for free one). The only usefull way to use it is attacking and using. Who would use it to get an extra turn to create a defense, improve units? Thats what the term armistice is intented to.


please take back what I last said about diplomat.  It's insanely powerful.  In a random game, it's devestating and way too powerful.  When my opponent gets to advance all their units up 3, then I can't do anything about it, that is called broken.

Armistice needs to state, units that used any actions will not be affected by Armistice, otherwise, diplomat's armistice needs to be revised to something else.   It's just way too powerful.  Also, A diplomat should not be able to make something immune from 6 squares away.  That is rediculous.  Range 5, maybe even 4 sounds more reasonable.