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Started by Kran, June 09, 2009, 08:51:38 PM

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I created this topic to help players to understand ALL unit relations. Follows
Version 1.07

Bowman's will attack approaching enemies when overwatch ability is turned on. Overwatch will allways turn off when the bowman moves. When another unit make the bowman to move (like ballista's push, fanatic's zeal), the overwatch is not cancelled.

Fire archer's attack is not affected by its power. Increasing fire archer power does not affect the damage inflicted.

Longbowman will attack spotter's attacked enemies only when the attack is succesful. Succesful attack means that the attack is not cancelled. Attack is still considered succesful if damage inflicted is 0. When the longbowman selects as spotter units like the warrior or the fire archer, which can attack multiple enemies at once, the longbowman will attack all enemies. Spotter units always attack before the longbowman.

Diabolist. The detonate is a spell, and cant be directed to innorganics. But when you detonate a unit, surrounding innorganics are affected. Detonate explosion is considered neutral and can't be dodged, parryed or cancelled. Killing archangels, killing units that will rebirth (feathered serpent special ability), or killing dopleganger twins will not give diabolist a soul. Diabolist will not die if martyr caught in detonate explosion. Diabolist will not get murderer status when unit dies in detonate explosion but the unit that get detonated is a dopleganger twin, archangel or a unit that will return to castle by rebirth.

Necromancer. If a skinwalker or a mimic become a necromancer, and it transform to lich, they will be no more longer mimics or skinwalkers. Only a Druid's purge will restore it to the original shapeshifter status.

Lich. The lich will only get inflicted damage as life when attacked enemy isn't immune to spells and skills.

Summoner. Damned units still maintain poison, but loose all other atributes. They return as normal units when purged.

Witch. Sickness spell isn't considered a damage, and change actual and maximum life. Units transformed into toads will maintain possessed and poison and can be purged to become normal units again. Witch's curse affect every organic unit. Curse is not cancelled by Archangel's aegis.

Archangel aegis defend againt innorganic attacks. Transformed Archangels do not return to castle. Killing an archangel doesnt give diabolist any souls.

Paladin can die immediately by (1) obliterate attack (catapult, golem, etc) and units that kills immediately (axeman). Its sanctuary doesn't trigger when the Paladin is protected by a sycophant or by a shield maiden.

Priest's converted enemies still have all bonusses/injuries.

Shield maiden only receive damage triggered at the protected unit. When the protected unit had the attack redirected from another unit, the shield maiden doesn't receive it's damage. If one shield maiden 'A' is protecting another shield maiden/sycophant 'B' that protecting/serving a unit, and the unit receive a damage, the damage inflicted in shield maiden 'B' only, and damage is not redirected from shield maiden 'B' to shield maiden 'A'.

The templar only heal self in attack when attacking organic units. The templar can't become indestructible in castle.

A diplomat can still truce other units under truce immunity. Truced shield maiden cant defend protected unit's damage. Armistice can be cast in end of your turn, and ends at beggining of your next turn.

The tactician contingency is immediate.

When sycophant flatter an enemy, it turns to enemy and both become immune to all allies. (Your opponent). In the turn he flatters, he is immune also to enemies (You), until beggining of his next turn (Opponent's turn). You can still flatter an enemy, attack the flattered enemy with other unit, attack will redirect to sycophant, and if he dies, the other unit dies too.

The confessor dont need to be in game to units be set as murderer. Murder stats can be removed with purge, and are not removed with damn, tranform, convert. Units are not considered murderers when they kill dopleganger twin, archangel or unit that will return to castle in rebirth (Feathered serpent special ability). Units doesnt become murderer by killing innorganics. Innorganic units will never be affected by penance.

Heretic doen't need to survive to cause reckoning.

Fanatic will allways trade places with enemy even if the target enemy dies. The fanatic zeal dont trigger when attack miss. Zeal doesn't activate abilities that trigger from movement or vigilant functions (automatic attacks).

Only the last unit which attacked the martyr dies when martyr dies. When 2 units attack the martyr at once and martyr dies, the question is resolved with sequence ID. Martyr retribuction is a spell, can be cancelled with aegis. Poison doesn't trigger this ability. Witch sickness trigger this ability.

Cavalry overpower doesn't trigger with enemies at 4 power. Only 3 or less.

Lancer's joust only triggers in enemies that are at most 90º from the direction where lancer moves. Lancer attack is allways triggered after movement. That helps understand relactions such as 'lancer vs shield bearer' and 'lancer vs swordsman'. In both cases the lancer is considered 'close' to the attacked unit when the lancer moves to the square close to the unit. If the lancer is close to the shield bearer and then moves away, the attack will be blocked.

Poison is computed before the berseker's relentless, so, if your berseker have 1 life and is poisoned, it will die at the end of your turn. Dying bersekers can still be purged, return to castle. All these things restore the berseker. Dying berskers cant be healed and cant get +1 life from healers.

Geomancer. When a rock is broken, the captive is stunned. Units can be deployed the turn geomancer move the castle.

Changeling. Target is usable the turn traded. Some units that have abilities/injuries that trigger at end of turn may get such abilities two times. Por example, a poisoned unit that is exchanged repeatedly with a chanceling loses two lifes per complete turn. The same applies to channeler's energy.

Dopleganger twin just copies injuries of the original. Things like empower, flying and etc, doesn't trigger. Possessed, poison and damage triggers. When a dopleganger with 4/10 life spawns a twin, the twin will get 4/5 life. When a dopleganger with 7/10 life spawn a twin, the twin will get 5/5 life.

Skinwalker. When lots of units dies at once, it is decided by Sequence ID.

Ballista still push enemies when damage = 0. Ballista doesn't push enemies when the attack is cancelled. Ballista push doesn't activate abilities that trigger from movement or vigilant functions (automatic attack).

Axeman. Cleave is permanent. You cant enchant cleaved units and get armour back. To get armour back, you need to purge or return them to castle. Cleave/slay only trigger when the attack is succesfull (not missed).

Footman's rush triggers abilities for both movement and attack.

Gate guard can never be deployed outside of castle square, even with conjurer portal. Poisoned gate guards still loose life in castle square, but gate guard can't get poisoned in castle square.

Warrior. When warrior "kills" a bersker, warrior doesn't get extra action the turn, and doesn't get extra action next turn too (When it dies). Same applies to immortallity (Archangel) and rebirth (Feathered Serpent). Warrior doesn't get extra action by destroying innorganics.

Armory isn't permanent.  Ends when armory destroyed and affect units deployed/summoned/created after the armory deploy.

When 2 martyrs would die in a warrior's whirlwind, the last deployed martyr survives.

Alchemist. Love potion can be restored with purge.

Wizard. Ranger is considered a range unit, even when wielding a sword, so, will get 2 range flight if wizard levitate. Flying mounted units only get 3 range flight. (Except mounted archer).

Conjurer gates can only return allies to castle. Also, invert is independant. So, shield bearer can't block, which it should, because the conjurer that make the attack happen. Conjurer will not become murderer when invert explosion kills. Martyr doesnt kill conjurer in invert.

Hydras that get more life than usual, still only have 6 heads. When 10 life hydra gets 7 damage, it gets 3 life and 1 head only. The opposite happens to hydras with less lifes than usual: they end up with more heads than lives.

Feathered Serpent rebirth doesn't give diabolist any souls.

Vigilant attack when triggered cost unit action points. Skills from units are not triggered when unit is stunned, but spells and neutral (gray) abilities are. Counterattack is not performed by stunned swordsman. Swordsman counter attack is free.

Sequence ID determine who is damaged first. Each unit is deployed with sequence ID = 0, and e sequence ID is increased by each new unit in game. Lower sequence ID means that unit will be damaged later. Martyrs are always struck last.

I hope it is useful!



Wizards MAY, in fact, levitate an opponent's unit, despite what the ability says.  I guess it could be a bug, but I think it's just a great tool  ;) .  The levitate stuns the enemy's unit.

You sure about the rangers wielding a sword only flying 2 spaces?


Yes, wizards can levitate enemy units. About the ranger, yes, i'm sure. The problem is that give enemyes flight, and cant be used twice. You cant give flight again to flying units. So, this is not a much great tool after all, but can help some endgames. I will periodically update the list, and if someone still have some question, just post it and i will try test.

Chronic Logic - Josiah

I have made this topic sticky, I am going to clean it up and only keep comments relating to helping users understand the game.  Thank you Kran!


Maybe you could change the title to 'Guide' instead of 'Guild', since im almost sure thats what he meant.
Otherwise Im joining the Guild!



Not sure if these are guide worthy, but here are my tips:

Abjurer - Remember, he can target your own units to be unsummoned.  Perhaps more powerful then unsumming your opponent's units.  Also, take use of his +1 armor ability in stalemate situations.

Hydra - is great in conjunction with pieces that add actions and HP.  With more HP, he can make more critters per turn.

Magus - Try to analyse your opponent's army before you go into spirit mode.  Try to calculate how many will-o-wisps can help and don't go too overboard on it.

Wizard - He's one of the best units, always remember that if he gives himself flight, he can jump, then swap another one of your pieces.  (THIS ABILITY SHOULD BE BAN TO FRIENDLY UNITS)

Enchanter - When calculating who to give a +1/+1, always try to focus on giving units the 2 armor.  Then prioritise in your army which order those additional pumps should take place if you have the time.

Barbarian - Works great with units that can protect it.  But, more importantly, try to stay defensive with it when at all possable.  

Quartermaster - if your army isn't heavy on actions, It might be more adviseable to save $50 and pick the Quartermaster over the General.  It's very specific per army.

Healer - Don't forget that it can heal itself.  Try to get the units you want 1 more HP then the attacking pieces power (usually power2-4).

Templar - This unit can heal all the time!!!  So , he's actually not the best piece you want to lead an attack, but follow through with.  Try to avoid making it invinciple unless it's position is vital to defend or attack.

Archer - Never swap an archer if need be.  This is almost always a trap.  Archer can be one of the most deadly units it you keep it alive.

Summoner - Always start off making more imps versus turning an imp into a demon.  For the most part this is situational, but more often then not, a swarm of imps can pick off the 1 target your looking to get, vs keeping 2-3 strong demon's.


I would add that templars work very well  exactly becouse it is the only combat unit that can heal.
Also, when fighting with diabolists, remenber to count the souls. When you have a diabolist, and it have only 1 soul, many times you can kill a unit with other unit to get diabolist the other soul it needs. Remenber also that units detonated also give souls to diabolist.


Quote from: mongolian on June 18, 2009, 12:18:15 AM
Barbarian - Works great with units that can protect it.  But, more importantly, try to stay defensive with it when at all possible.

Defensive doesn't really work with the unit.  Its base power is three, and it's built around momentum.  It's one of the best fliers in the game.

Regarding the diabolist: always keep in mind that you can blow up your own units if you don't have the range to hit an enemy.  I've lost games by forgetting this.


Barbarian have to be used in counterattacks, or againt units lots of units. Remenber that sometimes when there are no much enemyes, it more usefull to attack once and move twice, instead of attacking 3 times and then out of enemyes in next turn ^^. Many times barbarian main utility is to  make enemyes retreat, than you can advance rest of your units.


About the sycophant, when possible, try to place a footman near the sycophant after flatter. That will impeace it from running away


why bother to sacrifice a footman? just use 1 single tower if it's within reach ihe unit it's guarding are dead anyway they try to put it unless they damage their own units to get it out of there win in in my book also sycophant renders already placed protection null and void useful for breaking down acolyte shieldmaiden combos
Bad guys are no problem when you're an asshole yourself


Towers can be easily distracted


true but usually at the cost of atleast 2 commands, and then another 3 to get the syco as far away as possible and with a good placement 3 won't even be enough to get it out of the towers range
Bad guys are no problem when you're an asshole yourself


A footman is cheaper. But this is not the best place to discuss this, wouldn't you agree?


Bad guys are no problem when you're an asshole yourself