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Basic Units Zatikon is Missing

Started by mongolian, June 07, 2009, 05:49:40 PM

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Post your favorite type of basic unit that used yet.  Most concepts will probablly just be versions of working units:

PS - I've purposely left all the stats out of all my units to let Zatikon fill what they want in.

Spearman(like ballista) can attack once per opponent or ally turn.  Will attack anything ally or foe within 4-5 tiles in front of it's straight line. (power 6)
Can move up to 2, but it can not attack the turn it moves.

Flanker (like pikeman) Flanker attacks the following squares automatically, but only on opponent's turn maybe...

o x x o o o x x o
x x x o o o x x x
x x o o F o o x x
x x x o o o x x x
o x x o o o x x o

(o=Miss, x= Hit, F=Flanker)

Sling(like old sergeant) Sling unit, pushes unit 1 square left/right away from Sling.  Sling can target unit anywhere within (2).

Goliath(opposite of barbarian) Starts out with power 10, has -1 power each turn.  Moves 2 per turn, but has 4 actions. Can only attack in straight lines. (no diagonals)

Juggernaut(similiar to elephant) Can only attack when 2 or more pieces are in a row/column/diagonal).  Same attack/range as current elephant.


I can see you are frustated with new units, full of combo things and etc. I see your idea in making units with simple abilityes and like simple ones, but honestly, spear long as ballista shots are not the point. We simply need new units without combo things.