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Lancer and Shield Bearer

Started by Kran, May 22, 2009, 03:35:09 PM

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I have no idea about what was expected to happen, now i know that the lancer attack is not made before or during the move, but AFTER it. I discovered that when i lost a game becouse the shield bearer blocked my lancer attack. And it was exactly 1 range of the shield bearer. I simply moved it to another place, and the attack was blocked. I think the attack is made after the move to cause the attack to do not happen when an tower/pikeman/bowman/serpent kills it automatically. But i'm still not sure if the shield bearer is expected to block the lancer that way.


To attack a shield bearer, the lancer has to end the turn next to it.  I remember playing with this, and being fairly happy that that was the case, as opposed to having to start the turn next to it, which wouldn't have made sense and would have pretty much forfeited the lancer.