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Favourite unit?

Started by Jezebeau, May 09, 2009, 09:32:33 AM

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Anarchy United

Pikemen. I love pikemen.


Pikemans are nice. But allways remenber that they are weak against range, and need range units to be usefull. Its allways usefull to get some other units that can cause pressure and impeace a rush (Like one or 2 footmans), otherwise the mage will be overloaded and unable to leave. Pikemans are good to support such armyes, impeacing melee units from killing your range ones. Shouldn't be never used as base of the army, becouse it cant sustain much damage, and, in normal ocasions should be used in the frontline, becouse they can be distracted. (Expecially if enemy have units like a rogue, swordsman, scout) When they are in the backline, they are usefull to protect a mage or weak unit from a fast unit like a rider. In these ocasions, remenber to never let it in a position that can be distracted. (It can only attack 2 times in a turn !) If you pretend to use it to move and attack in same turn, remenber also that attacking automatically cost it actions.


1.  Artificer
2. Druid
3. Abjurer


Kran, the discussion is about what is the best units, but what is the favorite.  I can easily see how pikeman is someone 's favorite unit.  I really enjoy units that activate on my opponent's turn, especially DAMAGE dealing ones.  I wish there was another new unit that was like the pikeman


i was just giving some hints about how to play with them


artificer is really fun and useful
changling is a classic
bounty hunter is fun but underpowered :/
wizard (flying!)
so many


Hah!  JoeMaster, you and Kran are going to get along famously!   ;D


Bounty hunters are nice =D not underpowered i'm sure. But they are hard to use.


So far I have enjoyed the Druid and the Hydra the most as my primary units.


Druid for sure, that reset ability is so cool. Next is the Dragon, big single unit so I don't blow up my brain playing it. Last is the wizard, making things fly is funny and so cool.


You probably like the wizard becouse you never fought a experienced player that was using it. It end up with the range balancement


Longbowman, point it at a Lancer and watch his bow turn into a minigun
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