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Favourite unit?

Started by Jezebeau, May 09, 2009, 09:32:33 AM

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I'm just curious.  What are people's favourite units?  Your top 1 or 3 or whatever?

If I had to pick three, I'd have to say:
Footman - safely approaches ranged under "any within 5" range, buffers casters against slow units, combos well with feathered serpent
Druid - the unit reset is the most versatile ability in the game: stuns, un-shield-maidens, de-frog/rock/etc.-es, de-charms, re-love-potions, and heals, and can even potentially do two in a turn
Lancer - hilarious when the AI sets things up right and you kill four or five units as you pass through


Favorite unit... Now that's a hard one... If I had to pick id say Artificer, nothing can turn a geomancer, enchanter or even druid more worthelss then turning your intire army into constructs
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Diabolist is one of my current favorites.  Not because it is really good but I like its effects.
Hard to use though.



Abjurer.  It's probablly one of the most complex & most combinations to be used with this guy.   Also, very underplayed.


I love assassins, they are a great unit. I'm also a huge fan of the war elephant.


I've been enjoying the Bounty Hunter lately.


Fanatic. This unit is very cool. Change places are very good both attack againt weak units and defense againt strong ones, bringing them to place with many friendly units.

Bounty Hunter: Its refresh action points is very nice.

Abjurer: Its very nice. Really very nice. Probably the most strategical unit in the game.  I use them much often in contructed.


I like the shapeshifters, the mason and the possessed(tough maybe it is a bit overcosted).


You the first one i see that like the possessed. ^^


I love the possessed, it's just not my favorite
Bad guys are no problem when you're an asshole yourself

Chronic Logic - Josiah

Druid for its versatility
Channeler for its multi attack at range and destructive power


problem with both druid and channeler is that is they are hit by a tower ambush they are pretty much dead
Bad guys are no problem when you're an asshole yourself


I'm sorry lunaraia, i did not get it


geomancer tower combo, gives the towers infinite reach really, use that to get the reach down to the summoning area on your second turn and the oponent are in deep.. well deep
Bad guys are no problem when you're an asshole yourself


lunaraia, its powerfull. But dont know how someone can have this army as favorite lol