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Started by Kran, April 27, 2009, 09:09:29 AM

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i liked the unit. but i was playing againt one and it has only 1 life. then i placed a snake to defend. but i come and killed everything, attacking before the snake. that means it will attack towers , pikemans and bowmans before them. Should not the defensive units attack first? or its intended to be the way it is?


The trigger priority is set too high, it'll be fixed in the next patch. Thanks for the info!


but now thinking maybe it is fun this way... ^^


No, no no..Lancer is correct!!!  Just because a rider flies by a pikeman doesn't mean it should be attacked.  I think Lancer is a great choice.  And you can't fly past a tower, back and forth.  It only has range 4, so I dont see how this is an issue.


i'm not talking about it. i'm talkinga about the lancer to attack the pikeman before the pikeman attack it.


P= Pikeman
L= Lancer

    A   B   C   D

1  L
2            P

Then lancer moves to C1 for an example and attacks pikeman before the pikeman attack it. But i liked it, very fair. and fun.


Seeing as the Lancer is on the move it should be able to launch a pre-emptive strike against auto-attackers leaves a way around when the oponent has the intire field chunk full of pikemen and you do not possess a single unit that can get near since it would be attacked twice by 3 pikemen for a grand total of 18 damage - whatever armr he has... not even a golem survives that kind of punishment, so it is fair that there is 1 unit that can bypass sutch abilities
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wow..i never have tested if pikeman deals damage last of first vs lancer.  Pikeman should always be dealing damage first.  I'm sure that is NOT how it is programmed now.


It is. And that happens to towers, pikemans, bowmans or snakes.


Seeing a te Lancer dosn't stop to attack unless he hit em head on then they shouldn't attack at all, unless he stots and then he still should hit first since he moved into the square before he stopped it's simple logic
Bad guys are no problem when you're an asshole yourself


Quote from: Lunaraia on May 01, 2009, 01:55:34 PM
Seeing a te Lancer dosn't stop to attack unless he hit em head on...

Or if he reaches the end of his 4 movement...


Now its fixed ^^