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Bounty Hunter

Started by mongolian, April 21, 2009, 03:25:56 AM

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So I originally misinterpreted this card as I thought Bounty Hunter made target immune from working.  Bounty hunter currently is just not good enough card.  It either needs 1 of the following:

(1) Can attack bounty hunted target from range 2 or 3.


(2) What ever bounty hunter targets, that unit can not attack with ranged attacks (or if you want to make really powerful, can not attack at all).  Clearly, certain units would stip be able to attack ranged, but not archers or sorcrerers.

The reason for this suggestion may or may not seem obvious, but this game is heavily revolved around ranged units and this would offer a nice solution to dilute that.


I agree about the bounty hunter is lowpowered, but I honestly not liked the solutions... no range attack of such marked enemyes are boring.


Or instead, when bounty hunter targets ranged enemy, he gives that enemy -1 power


I have a simply solution to that. Make it cheaper.