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Started by mongolian, April 05, 2009, 11:30:22 AM

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I'm very impressed at what a fun add-on this unit is.  Although, all I ever hear in the game is that "this piece is broken".  After much game testing, I think it's close to being fair, with slightly being overpowerful.  Sure, its strong in coop/2v2, but all other mages are more helpful in random/constructed.  If you want to test how "good" a unit is, try it out in constructed.  I played a close mirror match, where I had alchemist-druid and my opponent had wizard-druid.  His flying bears walked all over me.  I'm also only 2 for 5 with my alchemist deck, heh.

BTW, there seem to be major glitches with the strength(rock) potion.  A unit can not toss the rock if another unit is blocking the way.  This is completely untrue when it comes to catapult, so why should this be any different?

(1) Make love potion a permanent potion.  But the "love" potion only lasts for 1 turn on enemy.  So you will gain control of love unit without stunned until end of turn (as love unit will get to move),  but then returns to owner at end of turn.


(2) Make Strength potion something like: Unit gets +3 or +4 power for 4-5 turns.  I also like to see more potions that last with expiration time periods.

Basically, Love + Strength potions are a bit too strong, so best to modify one of them.


Wouldn't change love potion to just 1 turn could be exploited with assassins and then the sassins will atart to be overused again
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You mean the stored potion disapears? I do not like it. Cant understand you lunaraia.


I meen that with a bunch of assassins and the 1 turn conversion all u need to do is to convert them then stash em into your castle by summoning an assassin on them they keep the permanent unit 1 turn conversion nullified
Bad guys are no problem when you're an asshole yourself


Of course, you're probably killing a 150-point assassin in doing so.  We already have the changeling and mimic at 150 points to indicate that using a unit of that value to capture an enemy unit is acceptable.

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I think the main problem with the Alchemist is when you combine the strength potion with riders.  Instant kill at range 7 is a big problem.  We are going to try some changes with the potions to make it more balanced in the next patch.


noooo why did you have to take my killer army away ;P

nah it's all good, however there are still a way to have 4-7 range instakill with the changes and this time it can hit multiple enemies on 1 go
Bad guys are no problem when you're an asshole yourself


Should not anyone close this topic?



The non-boulder strength potions killed my army based on flying a mason over and bricking up the enemy gate.  Now I can't deal with gate guards...