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necromancer- in LICH form

Started by bum, April 04, 2009, 12:28:32 PM

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How about upgrading the necromancer, in lich forms attack to instant kill a unit? type attack skill, MAYBE.
  ...and PERHAPS increase its max health +1 every time it kills a unit? with the life gain he already has wud make sense changing to the lich, for the POWER! haha

and COULD.. give him 2 armor to make him hard to kill. AND OR give him in lich form a passive ability called  RESSURECTION that brings him back to life once (or 3times, to compensate for his low health) each turn if killed.

alternativley... as he is in lich form, give him 20 or 10 health and 2 or 3 attacks cost 1 action.

necromaner doesnt have much health to begin with so gaining health doesnt really benefit him much unless he had high health to begin with say 12, 15 or 20 health. and could attack 2 or 3 times per attack (non instant kill) in lich form to regain health. immune to mourner health gain.


give necromancer a SKELETON ARCHER summon!! hint hint! :)

skeleton archer

action points 2
life 1/1
power 3
move range 1 action 1
attack range 3 action 1

OR action points 3, attack cost 2


revised..idea give the lich a summon or something like a spell that raises 4 undead units at once or something..

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We have been discussing some ideas for revising the necromancer, I agree that it could use an update.


The lich form is definately way too weak.


Well, from what I heard, units are going to lose summoned units when the summoner dies.  In order to ease this relationship with the lich transformation, it would certainly make a lich more interesting (and more of a sale of power) if all the undead lost to no longer having the necromancer made the lich more powerful instead.  Each pair of zombies lost increases the lich's starting hp by 2.  Each pair of skeletons lost increases the lich's actions by 1.  This would be exceptionally strong currently, but it could be balanced when all summoning units also have a cap on the number of things they can summon, so limiting the total benefit gained through the process and forcing the player to choose between hp or actions.

Another possible idea is to make the lich really strong, like 10 hp or something, and make it so that every attack costs 3 hp, but it still drains health from the target.  So, doing things like attacking mages and inorganic units is a net loss of health for the lich.  Perhaps this form should have an extra action.


a few ideas...

every kill the lich makes turns into a skeleton.

the lich should beable to get back up from the dead once a game, like the berserker ability but doesnt permenantly die at end turn.

or put a cost to it like 5 command poits if you want to bring it back on the field, until then it stays stuned on the floor if it dies.

or every kill charges the lichs ability to rise from the dead IF it kills something.

or or every 5 kills the lich makes he can turn into 5 skeleton warriors on the field action cost 1.


honestly... I prefer the necromancer in lich form like it is now


just give the dude 1 more action and 1 hp, a summoning ability, honestly can't think 1 single fantasy story where the Lich dosn't rise undead minions

also if you decide to add my undead idea give it the Undead skill
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The lich is a bit underpowered in high ranked games. But i'm sure a sergeant change the things.