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Armor 3 Units

Started by mongolian, February 28, 2009, 08:33:05 PM

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So, I know this game has no armor 3 units (unless your counting feather serpeants), but why not? I don't want to see the game progress to many stalemate scenarios, but on the samehand, if the magus is going to be invinciple, it needs to have units it can't kill like tacticians.

Perhaps, certain units just need to say "immune to magus", otherwise, please bring on some defense 3 units to try to make the game a bit more defendable.  And let me be specific about armor 3 units.  These units should ONLY be reserved for specific units.  Also, the default armor of pumping up units alla enchanter would still be limited to armor 2.


Have to agree there, or add a unit that can kill the Spirit form of the Magus (Exorsist?)
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make the spirit immune only to special abilities and give her armor 20. then a channeler could kill it after some preparation  :D


Armor 4 would be good enough with immune to special abilities.


I generaly disagree there should be units armor 3 or 4 but imune to everything is even worse, so i think that both changeling ofter the change and spirit should be armor 4 instead of  invunerable

templar is other story as it cant move so it is fine

mongolian missed my point. I meant when it changes to have: armor 4, immune to special abilities.  That means that you need a power 5 to hurt it.  Also a golem/catapult would kill it too despite the "immune to special abilities part alla same thing when a golem attacks a golem.


That would be really nice. But i'm sure its going to make the game harder to understand.


Armor 3 (4 even more so) would add to Rock-Paper-Scissors issues.  Having a specific unit that kills spirits also adds to RPS issues.  Spirit is weak enough to armor 2 as is.  It's not very effective for 350 points.  About the only time I'll turn a magus into a spirit is if my magus is actually a skindancer, or it's 2v2 and we're going after sergeant/mage combos.