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Started by xsherlock, February 19, 2009, 12:58:02 PM

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WTF, ok  this unit is hardly a replacemnt for an engenier, I wonder what was your motivation for it?
It is a major change

The most what I miss in the enginer was ability to kill inorganics, it was the only balance for the atificier, that now with the inorganic army will be imposible to kill down.
Maybe enginer should be back just without wall building capablites if you want mason for that


I loved the engineer. It was one of my favorite units in the game... :'( what was the problem with it?
(and btw I liked the old doppelganger too.)


My assumption is that there will be a piece in the future that destroys inorganics.  The main problem with the current mason is he can't attack.  I understand he's $50 and can make walls, but it's largely pointless as there are no current units that can come close to being a combo with walls.

Mason should be something like this:
Attack:3-5 Defense: 0-1. Look, the mason can throw bricks on top of units, how painful is that? Besdies, he only has 2 actions, geesh. So wimpy.

Lastly, I would love to see him only be able to attack with say power 5-6, if standing on top of a wall and maybe can't attack without it.


Mason attack would be great. Maybe bricks be 3 power and stun enemyes? But only in walls, please ^^


I think mason is a great unit as it is now. I think only units that too strong, or too weak, or very boring should be changed. there is more than enough change in the game already  ;D


Thats right. No more changes for now.


Seeing as how the mason has changed recently and previous posts don't apply, here: 

The mason is just slightly too powerful.  It currently can create 3 walls per turn. I believe 3 actions is the correct formula for the mason, but I would like to see it downgraded so it can only make 2 walls per turn.  With 3 actions, it will still be a robust $50 unit.  If this game is gung-ho about keeping it as, bump it up to $100.  I really don't want to see it become $100, but 3 walls per turn is a very nasty thing as so few units can target it (that is what it should be though).


2 walls per turn... What about climbing a wall costing 2 actions? Just for climbing, not moving along.