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Started by Denubis, January 20, 2009, 08:33:47 AM

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The ballista is right now the poor step-child of the siege family. It, however, offers excellent possibilities. The primary possibility is as a *forcing* unit.

My suggestion is this: Give it two actions (so that it can move or attack up to two squares.) *but* make it so that that the attacks *execute* at the start of the next turn. (It should also be able to fire over or through other units.)

This makes the unit a "deadlock breaking unit" Because it forces a move. The double-attack means that it can either force two lines or insure that a unit in one line *really* wants to move.


really a 7 range unit right out of the box for 100 points?


I like ballista and catapult in random. Maybe they should be cheaper? 50? and you could play a lot of them" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>


OK, firstoff Catapult is totallly worth more then $100 right now (worth exactly $150).  The ballista, on the otherhand, is worth exactly what its worth now $100.  The problem is obvious is that his upgrade was lame.  

He should recieve 2 actions

This would be the worse idea possable.. He would be in the same line as wizard who also needs to be tweeked still!

The ballista, if to recieve any changes, needs to kick opponent's back 2-3 tiles vs 1.  But I must say, this ability is kinda pointless as the ballista unit.  How about the Ballista attacks in a n arch formation

o o o o X o o o o
o o o o X o o o o
o o o X X X o o o
o o X X X X X o o
o X X X X X X X o

This would mean back to range 5 vs 6.  It also means it loses a bit of targets here as it only only shoot the targeted rotated direction.


yea cata is ovr powered at 100 points.  if it worked like assassin(kill not destroy,so not affecting inorgs) it might b a little more balanced, arti/war, and all cata or catas + arti seem to just run ovr the ai... again my problems with balance have nothing to do with vs... a decent ai seems to me like something tht would c as much or more action than more adjustments to vs mode balancings.


so do you use lots of catapults in your armies nowadays, if it is overpowered for 100?" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt='???'>


The best example and test of if a unit is over/under powerful should always be tested in Random.   In contstructed, the limits of a unit is pushed and in cooperative precise deploy/actions are calculated.  The warrior/articer for example is overpowerful in coop, but only ok in constructed.  

Again, im fine with ballista at 100 as is, but catapult needs to be $150 or tweeked.


yea being able to put out 5 catas for instance at 500 points is broken n ne mode.  u can cover most of a board with a unit tht kills nething at range.  i don't do cons or random, but tht seems powerful.


Its allready fixed.


*looks at Kran*

*points at date of post previous to Kran's*