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Started by mongolian, December 30, 2008, 09:15:54 PM

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If there is any 1 unit that is going to make me quit playing the game, it's got to be magus.  The fact that NOTHING in the game can stop it once it's going makes it unfun.  

Suggested Tweeks to Magus:
Costs: $300, has power 2 (not 3).

I can't stress how crucial power 2 vs 3 is.  The magus should not be able to kill structures and other 2 armor units. That is just rediculous.


Agree to this. Or a Gostbuster" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':p'>


yea magus has some issues.


We asks since the beginning of this game to get rid of the Spirit.  :-\
Please, its really no fun and no benefit to leave this abnormality alive.


I posted this elsewhere, but I would prefer to see the spirit as such:

Turn into Spirit* (Is immune to special effects and abilities)
In spirit form: Power:3 Armor:2, hp:3, 2 actions. Will heal at end of turn.

It's like an organic basically, but atleast killable. I would probablly bring the cost down to $300 too.


I think no one would use a spirit like that ever. that's a very weak unit compared to the magus. I think the spirit should be VERY hard to kill if we want anyone to use that ability. An other idea: immune to special abilities, 0 armor and 50 life  8) OK, I'm not sure of the 50, it needs to be tested a lot to tell which is the right number. But it has to be a lot or no one will use it (and it is just more simple to delete the whole ability).


I agree mini.  I wanted to say that before, but spirit should be immune to special ability and lots of hp.  I think 50hp with 0 armor or 25hp with 2 armor.


I think the magus is perfect. Its spirit is very slow, its attack is only 3 power, and normally its not worth transending


For one thing, the spirit isn't a big threat to 2-armor units and structures, even at three power.  If your opponent drops 350 points on a 3-power, 2-action unit that doesn't die, and you can't make up for that with 350 points of your own, you have bigger problems.  It's really only unfair against mages and other 2-3 life unarmored units.  Again, you get what you pay for.


I don't get this post, Magnus is underpowered and I never see it used unless you are refering to computer play.


in my opinion magus deserves another action and move cost 2, as it is now it's close to useless, that or explosion stun ala enchanter
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Magus is one of the most balanced units in the game. I use him sometimes and it works very well.