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Best Team?

Started by Grandmaster, November 28, 2008, 04:03:01 PM

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Destiny Mode, Tier 3, Difficulty: Medium

What's the best team?

I had most success with these guys (reached Round 40)

2 Archers, 1 Warrior, 1 Wizard, 1 Cleric

Strategy: During Early stages, try to Earth Shield the whole team (especially the Warrior of course). Firestorm regularly, especially when Centaur Spearthrowers, or any big monsters show up, or when there are too many tier one monsters: Eventually they'll target the archers and cleric etc and the situation gets out of hand). Firestorm is about 250 hp per monsters, so it's best to make sure that only 1 enemy survives (Firestorm aggros very much so everyone will target the wizard immediately), and I only have 1 warrior with taunt on my team).

Other than that, it's just standard tactics, aim for archers, spiders, and slugs (can be killed quickly).

Any other suggestions, or other team layouts?

Chronic Logic - Josiah

I like using a druid and swordsmen, keep the swordsmen with thorn shield on him and have him taunt all the enemies so they are attacking him and damaging them self.  Need to have a cleric or two to keep him from dieing though.

Grandmaster druid and one swordmaster? Or more? How does the rest of your setup look like?

How many rounds do you survive?


new team:

Wizard (armoring the whole team, and Firestorm to clean the arena)
Paladin (reserving Holy Bolt for the War Pigs and maybe Warg Riders)
The Obligatory Swordsman
The Obligatory Cleric

Weakness is the difficulty to take out multiple Goblin Bombers, who killed me in Round 33 :-)

Chronic Logic - Josiah

Wizards are very powerful and will get you the farthest in destiny mode for sure.  It is fun to try without wizards though.  I normal do one or two swordsmen/druids combo and then the rest of the gold I spend on a couple healers and archers for added firepower and taking out the goblin bombers.