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Started by garcia1000, November 19, 2008, 05:43:39 AM

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garcia1000" border="0">

I think changeling should be stunned on the turn of swap (like the mimic, and not like the doppelganger).
wat do you guys think?

Chronic Logic - Josiah

I don't think you should be able to use the unit you swap for the changeling on the same turn as you swap.



Yes, changeling is way way way too powerful that it's able to use the unit it swaps with the turn of.


I steal your knight being protected by an alcoylte...then ill my archer just picks off your weenie changeling.  

The other alternative is to make changeling only able to swap within 4 vs 6.

Chronic Logic - Josiah

Yeah the problem with being able to use the unit after you switch is nothing can get close enough to kill the changeling cause as soon as you do the changeling can swap and kill it's self.


You can get very nice combinations in the present way." border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':laugh:'>
The range of 6 is a must, Josiah already ment the reason. If you stun the unit in changing turn, I think nobody uses it anymore because both players cant take advantage, you get a changing match every turn.

My suggestion leave the unit this way and set the price up to 200.


I expressed myself poorly in my initial post; I think that it should be what Josiah said. That would be a good initial change.


What would really be awesome if:
1.  The changling unit it steals, it tapped upon swap.
2.  After changling swap, changling must wait 1 turn to swap again. Aka can't swap on opponent's turn.