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Bridge Construction Set v1.3 Download

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Windows Installation instructions:
After downloading the file "bcssetup.exe" double click on "bcssetup.exe" to start the installation. At the Bridge Construction Set installation screen select the path where you want to install Bridge Construction Set or just click start to use the default path. When the progress bar reaches 100% click OK. Bridge Construction Set is installed. To run Bridge Construction Set click on the start menu -> Programs -> Bridge Construction Set and click on Bridge Construction Set.

OSX Installation instructions:
After downloading the file "bcssetup.dmg" double click on the file "bcssetup.dmg" to open it and then copy the folder inside it "Bridge Construction Set" to your hard drive location where you would like Bridge Construction Set installed. To start the game click on the BCS file in the folder you copied. You can change the screen size by double clicking on the setup file. Do not run Bridge Construction Set from inside the bcssetup.dmg file or you will not be able to save your registration or progress.

Linux Installation instructions:
After downloading the file "bcs.tar.gz" Un-tar "bcs.tar.gz" into the location you wish to install Bridge Construction Set. Start BCS by running the file "bcs". You can change the screen resolution by running the file "setup".

The linux version of Bridge Construction Set has a known issue with the sound. You must install OpenAL (www.openal.org) or link the OpenAL library at run time. By turning the sound off in the setup you might be able to avoid installing OpenAL Even with OpenAL install the sound is slightly distorted, you may want to turn the sound off . This is a bug in the OpenAL library with pitch effects and looping sounds. If anyone has a fix for this bug please let us know. More information about an easy way to install OpenAL can be found in the readme.txt or at here and the offical download page is here

Also you must be running X in 24 or 32 bit color or the bcs will hang when you start it.

SDL must also be installed on your Linux system (should be installed by default on most systems).
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