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Hey Zatikon players,

A comprehensive guide is coming out featuring 2 guide videos, descriptions and uses of every unit and more! The guide is helpful to both novice and intermediate players, and in certain aspects can be used as a reference to advanced players. It describes the main menu, sub menus, chat windows, gameplay modes and army construction for beginner players, then goes into descriptions of every unit in Zatikon and what their strengths and weaknesses are. The latter section is geared towards newer players who may want a bit more info on specific pieces, but is also extremely useful for intermediate players to understand the finer points of using certain crucial pieces such as the acolyte and the scout.

The guide will also feature 2 videos; one will highlight the more basic aspects of Zatikon, such as unit movement, attacking and maneuvering your army, while the other will be geared towards intermediate/advanced players and will lean towards using potent unit combinations and creating your own unit combos.

Writing the guide was a welcome challenge, and involved me revisiting the game to understand the mechanics of certain pieces. I had received some material from a fellow Zatikon player Lunaria who had written about the basics of Zatikon, such as the menus and game play modes, but I felt that more needed to be said about the units themselves and about potent unit combinations. In writing the descriptions of units, I definitely drew from my experiences and blunders in Zatikon. A major challenge was writing descriptions of units that had just come out, such as the captain, the supplicant and the abbey. By playing a couple of games with the more experienced players I quickly learned how the pieces should be used, and definitely incorporated their strategies as well as my own  into my descriptions.

Overall, writing the guide was a fun experience, and I’m sure you will have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. Here is a little snippet from the units section, enjoy!

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