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It can be tricky to “slip” back into action,
When you’ve been “stuck” out of the game for so long…
Times have gotten a little “heavier”…

Gish is back this Spring! Every few days we will be releasing one of eight new levels each with its own challenges and secrets. Between speeding trucks, motor boats, out of control gears, lava, falling drills, and some classic baddies Gish has his work cut out for him. Best of all, these levels contain chances to win Plantronics merchandise! So leave your Valentines behind and grab your plumbing equipment because we’re going back into the sewers this Spring.

Want to get in on this? Gish is available for a limited time at Pick-Your-Own-Price, pay whatever you think Gish is worth,

Level 1 – April 5th 2011

It has been a few years and Gish is back in trouble, unpredictably, this time Brea has been kidnapped! The last thing you saw was Brea being grabbed and pulled into a Plantronic’s headset factory by a mysterious figure. What could be going on? No time to think, break into that factory any way possible and find your lost love.

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  1. cpt1nsano says:

    Great, now how about some news about Pontifex III?

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